September 2014 Locations Update

September 9th, 2014 · 14 Comments

It’s new location update time!   I’ve gotten a number of requests in the last few weeks to check out specific locations and I am trying to keep up with them all and find information.  Sorry if the place you wanted to know about isn’t in here today, but I’ll keep looking and hoping that everyone gets the Costco they’ve been hoping for.  I had a bunch of people write me about Ukiah, California and unfortunately, I don’t have an update on when they will break ground or how the project is progressing.

Locations opening soon:

No September 2014 Openings

Jackson, Mississippi

Well, this looked so positive at first, but sadly the plan for Costco to open in Jackson seems to have gone bust.  Costco had really wanted to move to a location on Lakeland Drive where the Smith-Wills Stadium is currently located but that is not to be it seems.  The planning board for Jackson was going to need to rezone the area for commercial use before Costco could move there.  Unfortunately, the stadium and surrounding area are only allowed by state law to be used for parks and recreation.  So, it probably wasn’t a huge surprise that the board voted against the rezoning at their August 27 meeting.  The mayor, Tony Yarber, is determined to figure out a way to bring Costco to Jackson, and in particular the site near the stadium.  Costco has looked at two other nearby sites in Flowood but they are in Rankin county which is dry, so that creates an issue for Costco and makes those sites far less attractive.  No word yet (that I’ve seen) on what the next steps are from the mayor.  Though he might have some latitude with another vote since only ten of the 15 board members were present for the vote and one of them abstained in the 6-3 vote against rezoning.  However, it seems so unlikely that this site is going to work out and Costco will need to find another property within Jackson city limits or move on to another area completely and leave Jackson Costco-less and without the benefits of added jobs and tax revenue that they will bring.

Rochester, New York

Costco is coming to the new CityGate development in Rochester that will be anchored by Costco, but also contain a hotel, other retailers, office space, and an apartment complex.  The project has hit a couple of weird things in the construction process so far, like a network of tunnels under the site that were on top of very old foundations that were not known about, and that added around $4 million to the construction costs, but the project continues to move forward and the developers have renegotiated their tax benefits with the Monroe County development board.  The developers should have closed with Costco by now too.  And remarkably, construction of the new Costco is expected to take just 90 days to complete.  That means Costco could be open in Rochester by the end of the year.

New Britain, Connecticut

After Costco indicated that they were willing to skip building in New Britain if they didn’t get some tax consideration, the council voted 12-3 in favor of a seven-year phase-in of taxes for the Costco proposed for land alongside the Stanley Golf Course, amounting to $2.1 in tax abatement for Costco.  It turns out that the prospect of jobs, tax revenue, and the potential for more commercial growth spurred the council to make the decision in Costco’s favor.  Costco has been trying to get a new location built in New Britain since 2011, so it is great that this finally seems to be back on track.  To kick things off there was a big groundbreaking ceremony last week for the new Costco which should be open in Fall 2015.

Jerome, Ohio

Jerome’s new Dublin Green shopping center could end up being anchored by a new Costco store.  The developers have a tentative agreement with Costco, but the agreement hasn’t been finalized so something could prevent it still, but hopefully not.  The new 154,000 square foot store will be a major part of the 300,000 square foot shopping area of which the developer has already signed letters of intent to fill 80 per cent.  Costco will present its plans for the new store at the township’s zoning commission meeting on September 22.  Since there is no rezoning needed, this approval shouldn’t be hard to achieve.  If all goes smoothly construction on the new shopping center and Costco could start in Spring 2015 which could mean that the new Costco location should be open by November 2015.

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Victoria will be getting their fourth Costco location next year when Costco opens a new store at Moorabbin Airport in Melbourne (despite the title for the article this is actually the fourth approved location in Victoria).  Costco had to get approval from the Kingston Council, which was granted recently.  But they also had to get federal approval since the airport is located on federal lands.  That final approval was given recently by Infrastructure and Regional Development Minister Warren Truss.  The new Moorabbin Airport location will include a tyre centre, optometrist, and a petrol station.

If you’re wondering the third Victoria location is in Epping which was approved by the council there late 2013, though the one at Moorabbin Airport could be finished first it seems since I haven’t heard anything more about progress on the Epping store.



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  1. 1 Lynn // 2015.11.05 at 7:09 pm

    Our closest Costco is 35+ miles from me. Are there any plans to build one in Lakeland, Fl?? I feel that this area would more than support one.

    • 2 Tim Simon // 2016.08.07 at 7:32 am

      We need a CostCo in Lakeland, FL 33813. Please come!

  2. 3 Sandra Keating // 2014.12.29 at 4:07 am

    Wondering if there is any news on the wacol Queensland Australia store yet .. and roughly when it will open??

  3. 4 Fran K. // 2014.09.25 at 1:03 pm

    Somewhere in the Mansfield, OH area sure would be nice (located halfway between Columbus and Cleveland). We don’t want to drive 50+ miles one-way to the nearest store. Have a Sam’s Club but want a Costco.

  4. 5 Sterling Dossett // 2014.09.22 at 10:17 pm

    I’m very disheartened about the Jackson, Mississippi new location issues. Madison County (N Jackson) is getting a new Sam’s Club… Why hasn’t Costco considered this area??? Costco would do so well in this market!

    • 6 kevin wheeler // 2014.09.24 at 7:40 am

      I want costco to go to jackson as well because i would like to transfer there, but from what i hear from relatives down there N jackson isnt the demo costco looks for in an area, it has to be affluent or very close to some big areas that have wealthy populations and i was told that isnt 1 even though the toyota plant is out north. costco is very strategic as to where it wants to go, so this area around this stadium has plans for it in the future that doesnt even involve costco, so dont think its dead yet from what i hear something is gonna happen !

  5. 7 Alex // 2014.09.15 at 4:22 pm

    There is a Costco in Levis, Quebec (Canada) that will open in November, 2014.

  6. 8 sandra // 2014.09.14 at 12:28 am

    speculation is rife about the second qld location in australia… best guess so far – wacol. but no official word as yet

  7. 9 R // 2014.09.13 at 9:49 pm

    There is a Costco coming to Kalamazoo, Michigan in November too.

  8. 10 Carole Williams // 2014.09.11 at 5:26 pm

    It is nice to see that Costco is opening new locations everywhere but it is hard to believe that Thunder Bay, Ontario is nowhere in sight. It is disheartening to see that Costco is contemplating opening an additional store in Winnipeg when they already have so many already. What about Thunder Bay? The closest location to the west is Winnipeg 7-8 hrs ; Minnesota to the south – another 6 hrs away or in Sudbury to the east at 11 hrs away. Thunder Bay would be an ideal location with all the smaller towns along the 17 highway that would travel to Thunder Bay for a Costco especially when most go to the states to the Sam’s club in Duluth. Please consider Thunder Bay in the future. I know of so any people who would love to see one here!!

  9. 11 marie // 2014.09.11 at 3:22 pm

    What about Auburn, or Ukiah, any news on those being built?

  10. 12 Cheryl Collins // 2014.09.11 at 2:50 am

    Have you heard anything about the 2nd Jacksonville, Fl location? I saw that the city approved the road extension in June that Costco was waiting for and it’s in design phase now.

  11. 13 Rick Vanover // 2014.09.09 at 9:19 pm

    Good stuff!

    RE: The Columbus Ohio area warehouse… Local warehouse managers are saying they have near term plans to add two more; but Dublin is a natural choice. I was surprised that we haven’t added one in the Western “half” of the city; much less the South or central.

    Central Ohio has a lot of market opportunity for additional Costco warehouses:
    -Good average income
    -Many people are “from somewhere else” (may be familiar with the Costco brand promise)
    -Stable economy coupled by people who love a bargain
    -Good logistics location

    • 14 Trixie // 2014.09.12 at 4:41 pm

      I also agree, good stuff! I was so pleased to see Columbus add a second Costco, and I feel that central Ohio could definitely support a couple of more Costcos for the reasons that Rick mentioned.

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