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September 11th, 2014 · 8 Comments

I was debating about mentioning this great LivingSocial deal or not on here because it is only for brand new Costco members, unfortunately.  But then I thought about how often I give memberships to friends and family and figured it was definitely worth a mention, even when I know most everyone here already loves Costco.  So now you can share your love of Costco and get lots of great savings deals for a new member too at LivingSocial.

If you’re not familiar with LivingSocial, it is a way to get great deals on a big variety of services, products, and even vacations.  Here’s how they explain it on their website:

LivingSocial is the local marketplace to buy and share the best things to do in your city. With unique and diverse offerings each day, we inspire members to discover everything from weekend excursions to one-of-a kind events and experiences to exclusive gourmet dinners to family aquarium outings and more.

You can get some really great deals through them.  I’ve been a member for a number of years now and have gotten some super deals on restaurants, classes, products, and hotel rooms.  Since you can set up a LivingSocial account pretty easily, or you can just sign in with your Facebook credentials, it is quick to get started seeing their great deals for your area.

Right now they have a great deal on nationwide in the US for new Costco memberships.  But as I mentioned, it is only for NEW members.  If you’ve got a membership already, you’re out of luck, sadly.  You can share the gift of membership and savings with three friends or family members that are still dragging their feet about joining though.

Get a Costco Membership with a $20 cash card, and freebies at LivingSocial for just $55

Get a Costco Membership with a $20 cash card, and freebies at LivingSocial for just $55

So, here’s the deal, you get a new Gold Star membership and a $20.00 Costco Cash Card for $55.00, along with coupons and free things worth another $70.00 in savings.  Here are the key points for the deal:

  • The Deal:
  • $55 for a Gold Star Membership (find out more about a Gold Star membership at
  • $20 Costco Cash Card
  • Exclusive coupons good for three free Kirkland Signature products ($30.97 value)
    • One apple pie
    • One rotisserie chicken
    • One 30-pack of two-ply bath tissue
  • Plus, enjoy three months of free identity protection service brought to you by Identity Guard (a $40.47 value)
  • $146.44 total value
  • You pay just $55.00
  • How It Works:
    1. Complete your purchase on
    2. Receive your voucher from LivingSocial and redeem it online
    3. You’ll get an email with a Costco Membership Activation Certificate to print out
    4. Bring the printed certificate to your local Costco to complete your Membership application
    5. Receive your Costco Cash Card at the time of signup (new members only); coupons will be mailed within 4 weeks of voucher redemption

This deal is only for the US and you have to redeem your membership by December 15, 2014 and you will need to use your free Kirkland Signature coupons by the end of March 2015.  For your $55.00 you do get a lot, so I think this seems like a great deal.  If there’s a new Costco opening near you and you’ve been thinking about getting a new membership, this seems like the perfect time to sign up!  So, go check out this great Costco deal at LivingSocial but be quick about it because there are only a few days left (4 as of this posting).


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  1. 1 vani // 2014.09.18 at 2:46 pm

    Free can of Soda.. is very similar to free food samplings that Costco offers. 🙂

  2. 2 R // 2014.09.13 at 10:27 pm

    It is such a great deal for the basic membership. This is something new for Costco, since they do not usually advertise . I have seen several times Groupons for Sam’s Club maybe that is why they have decided to dip their toes into online advertising.
    IT would make a great gift.

  3. 3 Joanie // 2014.09.12 at 4:53 pm

    Hmm… I randomly came across this page shortly before a planned trip to Costco tonight, and I have to admit I am left with a bit of a bitter taste in my mouth regarding this LivingSocial deal. While I understand the marketing perspective, I consider myself to be part of the LivingSocial demographic, let’s say, and I was very excited to read about the generous package being offered with the cost of membership. I don’t quite understand why a pared down version of this couldn’t be offered to members for renewal – such as a Costco baked good or other food product like the rotisserie chicken. Don’t forget about the importance of retention and referral, as was also illustrated in Greg’s anecdote above.

    I’m not going to say that I would reconsider my membership (+7 years on my own as an young adult, not counting my parents’ memberships for at least the past 20 years at PriceClub and Costco) over this, but I do think that it would be a factor if I were seriously interested in an alternative. I recently learned of a new BJ’s Warehouse opening soon in my neighborhood, and no kidding, just this past week had an in depth discussion with a coworker about the virtues of Costco vs. BJs and which big box store he should consider joining. It’s no surprise that I steered him to Costco based on my genuine appreciation for its best practices in employment, quality and customer service.

    Please don’t forget that in economic times such as we have experienced over the past half-decade, we all may have doubted the necessity of maintaining our Costco membership at one time or another. Even though we receive value through membership, it is still a luxury to pay a membership fee in order to be able to shop.

    • 4 Kathy Hardersen // 2014.09.12 at 5:00 pm

      Hi Joanie ~

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. We do value your feedback and loyalty. As noted in the reply below to Greg we take these comments seriously and have deliberated at length about the impact acquiring new members through this channel (and others like it) might be perceived by our existing Membership base.

      Our main focus for our existing members is to drive additional value through the Monthly Coupon book which typically contains over $1,000 in savings per month.

      In addition to exclusive savings, we do offer 2% back on qualified purchases through our Executive Membership Program.

      We are always working to bring value to our Members through various programs and will continue to do so.

      Thank you again for your feedback and continued patronage. Both are sincerely appreciated.


  4. 5 Greg // 2014.09.11 at 7:41 pm

    Thanks as always for the info, Kimberly, and if someone mentions considering Costco I will gladly pass it on, but I have to say that even though I understand why companies do this seeking new business, seeing such offers is off-putting to a degree. An occasional little attaboy as a thank you to a long term member/customer would be nice too (say a free pie & chicken every 4 years, or something, coupon therefor sent with annual notice).

    I only say this because today I got the monthly junk mail from my bank saying if I am not a current customer (why I get that I don’t know) and bring them an account of a piddly amount, they’ll toss in $400 after 3 months, but these same banks don’t do squat for current customers and no one has to say how insulting their rates are, anyway, but they have cash for someone else. Sort of feels like Costco is pulling a “bank” on long-termers here.

    • 6 Kimberly // 2014.09.12 at 5:08 am

      @Greg – I was just talking about this issue too, only with regards to cable and telephone companies. Loyalty seems to bring you no benefits anymore. It would be so nice and refreshing for a company to reward loyalty every once in a while. Like you mention, it doesn’t have to be huge or even every year, but the odd “thank you” gift or bonus would be appreciated.

    • 7 Kathy Hardersen // 2014.09.12 at 9:12 am

      Hi Greg ~

      I am a manager here for Costco in our marketing department and wanted to reach out in regards to your comments above.

      You have touched upon some valid points that are constantly discussed internally, including how we provide the incentives necessary to attract new members without alienating those who have remained loyal for years.

      Longtime membership is vital to Costco, and your comments underscore the need to continue to demonstrate that value in meaningful ways. Although we cannot always extend to current members the same promotional incentives that we are utilizing to engage new members, we certainly understand and value the thoughts you have shared.

      As Costco is a membership-based company, we rely on membership fees to provide our members with the value that they have come to know and expect. We anticipate even greater value for our existing members with each new member who joins.

      Given that Costco does not pay to advertise, we must continually look for ways to reach potential new members, and the LivingSocial promotion is one example of how we are working to achieve that objective. This LivingSocial promotion speaks to a demographic that Costco may not otherwise have reached, or to whom Costco membership may have seemed unnecessary. The incentives included in that promotion have inspired these otherwise, nonmembers to give Costco a try, ultimately increasing the amount of buying power we have and the value we can in turn, extend to all of our members. Simply put, the more members, the more buying power, the greater the value all of our members will enjoy.

      We believe that longtime members like you have remained loyal because you have received significant value in doing so. It is our sincere hope that we may continue that tradition.

      Thank you for your continued patronage,


      • 8 Greg // 2014.09.12 at 2:04 pm

        Hi Kathy, and thanks for the unexpected reply. Very kind.

        As mentioned, I understand why it’s done, understand the marketing predicament, and in no way question the very good value Costco provides. It’s not so much alienating as it just makes me wince a bit (the bank thing makes me wince far more). So no worries – I’ll be in your stores at least twice this month.

        I wouldn’t think the full basket of new customer enticements should even be on the table, but as Kimberley mentioned just a little special random thing once in a blue moon would be nice. The pie every 4 or 5 years may not be a bad idea, and it gets people sometimes in the stores looking at more things, but I do see the point that if Costco has 16 million memberships that would be 4 million pies/year, and if each costs $8 or so to make that’s $32M out of the budget, so that can add up and put a dent in other marketing plans.

        But I’ll give you an example from the Seattle area when I lived there. If you’ve been there a while you remember Eagle Hardware (like a Home Depot). When there I split my purchases between Eagle (mostly) and Home Depot, but one very hot afternoon I stopped by Home Depot and they didn’t have what I wanted, so I went to Eagle and on the way in they were handing out cans of soda to cool off. I always preferred Eagle but it was further away, but that stupid cheap little can of soda on a day like that made me feel so good that after that (and until I moved) I never went to Home Depot again, and always visited Eagle. I was already a semi-regular and it was further away, but that didn’t matter anymore … even it I only needed $5 of screws I went out of the way to Eagle. That little thing went a long way, and when I was discussing things with people I was always saying “go to Eagle, forget Home Depot” – all because of a surprise can of soda.

        Again, thanks.

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