This Week at Costco – September 28, 2014

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Happy October!  I cannot believe that it is already October!  Woot woot for Fall!  If you’re in the US, don’t forget that the new coupon book started on Thursday and there are some really great coupons and deals this month.  There’s even a good coupon in there for candy bars if you’re expecting trick or treaters this year…..and won’t eat it all yourself before Halloween.

If you’re a Costco Australia shopper, don’t forget that Costco locations in Queensland and New South Wales, as well as the location in Canberra are closed on Monday, October 6, for Labour Day.

Pringles 6 Can Bundle

Pringles 6 Can Bundle

Pringles 6 Can Bundle – Dave’s got an appreciation for Pringles and even though I’m not all about eating chips/crisps, sometimes I like some too.  They’re a great way to make a lunchtime sandwich seem a little more filling and that’s mostly how we eat them.  Pringles have been around forever, certainly all of my life and they somehow hit a nostalgic note with me.  Though to be fair, I don’t really remember eating them much as a kid.  I think it is something about them coming in a can rather than a bag like everyone else, seems so 70s to me.  Pringles came about from Proctor & Gamble trying to respond to customer complaints about greasy, broken chips and the air in the bags making the chips go stale.  Because no one wants to eat greasy, stale, pieces of chips.  Even though they didn’t actually start selling Pringles until the late 60s they had been working on them since the end of the 50s, to get the right texture and flavour.  Unlike regular chips, they aren’t made from sliced potatoes but from a potato dough that is fried, which you would think would make them seem greasier but they really don’t seem greasy at all.  But because they are made from a dough, instead of a piece of potato, they can’t be referred to as potato chips or crisps, but only as a potato snack.  In our house, we like our potato snacks, and don’t discriminate about how whole the potato was that they came from.  At Costco you get six cans bundled together, three of which are the original or plain flavour and three which are sour cream and onion flavour.  I like the sour cream and onion flavour best, that’s always been my favourite chip/crisp/potato snack flavour.  So, Dave gets to eat all of the plain ones he wants, and then we do a bit of negotiation about the cans of sour cream and onion ones.  Usually, no one ends up crying during these negotiations and we try to put everything we learned from Sesame Street into practice.  Did you realize that there are as many chips in a can of Pringles as there are in a regular size bag of chips?  Except there aren’t any crushed chips in your protective can, though sometimes you do get some that are cracked or broken a bit but never to the point where they are dust.    The six can bundle at Costco is really a great deal, certainly the best deal that I’ve seen anywhere I shop.  At other stores they are somewhere between £1.25 to £2.48 for a can of Pringles, but at Costco the price comes to under £1.00 a can.   Buying the six cans at a time isn’t a big deal for storage for us either because the cans stand up and don’t take up too much of our precious cabinet space.  Buying six bags of crisps though would be a total storage issue.  And that’s how I can justify having six cans of Pringles in the house.  Ha! 6 cans for £5.29 (US: $8.47).  Item #: 0002644.

TerraFertil Goldenberries

TerraFertil Goldenberries

TerraFertil Goldenberry –  If you’re like me, you’re probably thinking “what’s a goldenberry?”  It turns out that goldenberries, or physalis,  are these little berries grown in the Andean mountains and packed full of fibre and nutrients like iron, potassium, and vitamins A and C. They dry the gondenberries and then throw in a bit of juice from pineapples to get the final product and they are tart, tart, and even more tart.  But somehow still also a bit sweet with an interesting taste.  When I first tried them I thought they were way too tart and I wasn’t too thrilled with them.  However, I kept adding a few of them to various things and have found that I actually like them much more now.  But they are still super tart, there’s just no way of getting around that.  I picked these up because of the nutritional content of these little superberries, especially all of the iron and potassium.  In a 100 gram serving of goldenberries you will get 21.9 grams of fibre, 5.6 grams of protein, 1200mg of potassium or 60% of your RDA, 2.6mg of iron or 19% of your RDA, 97.1mg of magnesium or 26% of RDA, 21.5mg of vitamin C or 27% of the RDA, and 294 calories.  I don’t think I am ever eating a 100 gram serving, but probably about a quarter of that at most.  They make a great afternoon snack and I do find them really filling, even with just a small amount of them.  I’ve also used them to give a punch of flavour to salads and yoghurt.  On the bag they suggest them for cereal or porridge, and I think that would be a great way to work them into your diet too.  The tart flavour makes them have a lot of big flavour, so you do have to be careful about not over adding them or they can quickly take over any dish.  If you’re sick of the same old fruit, you should give these a try to shake things up a bit and try something new while still getting all of the nutrition in a piece of fruit.  567 grams for £7.49 (US: $11.99).  Item #: 0169421.

KS & Sahale Snacks Pecan-Cashew Nut Crisp

KS & Sahale Snacks Pecan-Cashew Nut Crisp

Kirkland Signature Sahale Snacks Pecan-Cashew Nut Crisp – I think it is nice to have something in the afternoon or mid-morning for a quick snack and this nut mix is perfect for that.  The mix is created by blending pecans, cashews, dried apples and peaches with cinnamon, and a bit of vanilla extract.  The mix is great and so flavourful!  It’s sweet enough to satisfy any sweet craving, yet you don’t feel like you’re just eating sugary junk.  If you have just a little handful of this it is really satisfying and can carry you through the late afternoon munchy period.  I have even mixed them with some of the goldenberries to tone down the tartness of those and still have a bit of sweetness.  The nut crisp would be perfect to add to cereal, oatmeal, or granola, but I also like it mixed with Greek yoghurt.  I haven’t done it, but I bet this would be great on a salad too.  If you’re not familiar with Sahale Snacks, they have been making delicious nut based snacks since 2003.  They use natural nuts and ingredients, along with dried fruits free of preservatives and other organic ingredients like honey and cane sugar.  I’m a big fan of nuts and something like this is perfect for me because it has a bit more going on than just a handful of nuts, so it’s a nice, tasty change.  Next time I’m going hiking or camping, I’m definitely going to pick up a bag of this at Costco (hopefully, they’ll still have it then).    454 grams for £7.49 (US: $11.99).  Item #: 0729893.

Kirkland Signature Natural Citrus Body Wash

Kirkland Signature Natural Citrus Body Wash

Kirkland Signature Natural Citrus Body Wash – I know this has been out for a while now, but I’ve only bought this recently.  I first tried this a couple of years ago at my mom’s house and wanted to get some when we got back to London but it wasn’t in our Costco at that time.  And then last year we had a bit of weird year because we didn’t know how long we were going to be living anywhere so it didn’t seem like a wise thing to buy two huge bottles of body wash.  But now that we are all settled, and they have the KS Body Wash in our normal UK Costco, I could finally pick some up.  The body wash has a nice, light citrusy scent that is really pleasant but dissipates quickly so you don’t feel like you’re wearing Eau de Orange Juice all day.  The body wash is made using a blend of plant extracts like olive leaf, chamomile, basil, gingko biloba, pomegranate, and mandarin orange and grapefruit peel oils.  All of these extracts help to moisturize your skin and keep it soft and healthy.  The body wash is also free of nasty things like parabens and sulfates that can be so very harsh on your skin, plus the formula is “ecologically sensitive” according to the packaging.  This is also free of gluten which I know is really a key thing for people with gluten allergies or intolerances.  So, the KS body wash is good for you and the environment, with no animal testing.  I think it is great that you can buy such a product at Costco for such a really reasonable price.  This definitely beats buying a little bottle of body wash that has all of that going for it at a specialty store for probably around the same price as the two big bottles at Costco.  I love the smell, and I love the body wash because it has really been good for my skin.  I have a bit of a problem with a couple of patches of eczema that get very annoyed by almost any type of soap, but this body wash has helped my skin stay rash free and still soft.  Plus, it does actually make you feel clean and fresh.  What more could you want in a body wash really?  The price is really reasonable as well since you get two really large bottles for £7.49 or £3.75 per 800ml bottle.  The bottles are pretty good sized, but since they have a pump dispenser it doesn’t really matter, except you need to find someplace to put it in your shower.    2, 800 ml bottles for £7.49 (US: $11.99).  Item #: 0712042.


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  1. 1 Greg // 2014.10.06 at 9:59 am

    Whatever those Goldenberries are, I hope they offer them stateside. Will check, of course. Nothing can taste tart enough for me, and if you toss in nutrition with that, well heck yeah!

    Knowing my strange tastes I dip pieces in white chocolate too as an experiment. Might make a great candy alternative where one can keep saying “yeah I gobble them up because it’s healthy!” {cough}

  2. 2 Tonya P // 2014.10.05 at 4:28 am

    I love the body wash because you can also use it as a bubble bath. Most body washes are too slippery in the tub when being used in a bath, but this works great. It also doesn’t leave messy bubble rings that you have to clean up.

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