What is an Elipson Sound Tree?

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What is the Elipson Sound Tree?

What is the Elipson Sound Tree?

I love to share the odd and interesting, as well as the shockingly expensive, items that I run across on Costco’s shopping sites.  And this definitely fits the bill!  I can’t even remember how I ran across this initially, but I knew the second I saw it that I had to share it with everyone.  I found it on Costco.co.uk and now am fascinated by it and want to know who has this in their house.  Isn’t it weird looking?  Doesn’t it seem like some kind of crazy Christmas decoration?

So, really, what is an Elipson Sound Tree?  Basically, it is a speaker system.  A very artistically created one, albeit, but that’s what it is.  The little balls, that they call “fruits”, are where the music comes out of and the trunk is the sub-woofer.  I don’t think that definition really does it justice, so here’s what they say about it on Costco.co.uk:

The Elipson Sound Tree is a unique and innovative multi-speaker sound system designed by artists Maurizio Galante, Tal Lancman & Jean-Yves Le Porcher for Elipson. The Sound Tree creates a forest like environment – the twelve spherical ‘speaker-fruits’ are suspended from the ceiling by creeper-cables connected to the ‘trunk’.

Elipson Sound Tree with Music Centre and Planet L Stand in Red

Elipson Sound Tree with Music Centre and Planet L Stand in Red

The Sound Tree ‘trunk’ – the cylindrical base unit – features a built-in 8 inch active subwoofer for low frequencies and a high gloss red lacquer finish. The twelve ‘speaker-fruits’ feature spherical speakers for medium and high frequencies. Each speaker houses a 4 inch coaxial driver and a ¾ inch tweeter with 30W handing power and a fibre glass reinforced resin cabinet and an in keeping high gloss red lacquer finish.

The Elipson Music Centre is a carved aluminium disk that is powered by Bang & Olufsen ICEpower technology that plays your music through the suspended ‘speaker-fruits’. The WiFi USB dongle provided allows you to wirelessly connect your devices to seamlessly play your favourite music. The Music Centre features premium digital technology including a CD player, USB input and Digital DAB/DAB+ and RDS FM radio.

It’s so crazy looking, I can’t help but wonder who has it in their house and what else they have.  How do you even come up with this design?  I also wonder about the sound quality.  Does this “fruit” and “trunk” design give you a better, more encompassing sound experience?  Does it make it feel like the music is coming from all around you?  Can you hear all of the little delicate sounds that you sometimes miss with a regular speaker setup?  Is it hard to install?  How do they determine where the “speaker fruits” should hang?

So if you were thinking you would pick one of these up, you can get it online at Costco.co.uk.  But it will cost you to have this glorious sound and design experience.  This fancy made to order music and speaker system will run you £14,899.99!  But hey, that includes a site survey to determine the important things like the installation position, site access and cable routing requirements.  And of course, they will deliver it and fully install it as well.  I love having quality speakers, but I’m not sure I love it quite £15,000 worth.


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