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I hope everyone in the US had a great Thanksgiving!  And maybe even ventured out for a spot of competitive shopping on Black Friday.  I’m not that brave or that big a shopper to do that.  It’s one of the reasons I love shopping online.  Since it is all cold and chilly most everywhere people are probably reading my blog (except for you lucky people in Australia), I thought I’d do a review post today about some of the great cozy winter items I’ve picked up at Costco recently; some of them are from the US and some are from the UK.

Weatherproof Men's Slippers

Weatherproof Men’s Slippers

Weatherproof Men’s Slipper – My mom had actually bought a pair of these for Dave when we were visiting her in the US.  And we were all so impressed with them that she bought herself a pair too and then when we got back to the UK I ordered some for us here too.  Now we can always have toasty warm tootsie.  And yes, these are a slipper for men, but if you have a size 9 foot as a woman you can just make the size small option work, especially if you are wearing thick-ish socks.  Here is how the sizes breakdown based on US men’s shoe sizes:  Sizing:  S= 7-8, M= 9-10, L= 11-12, and XL= 13-14.  The slippers are made by Weatherproof and are really a cross between a shoe and a slipper thanks to their rubber indoor/outdoor sole.  The body of the slipper is a soft microsuede with a memory foam insole and the inside has a 3M Thinsulate lining.  The Thinsulate acts as the perfect lining because it keeps your feet warm but lets the moisture escape.  I have had other slippers with a memory foam insole that just made it kind of uncomfortable but these seem to be the right thickness so you don’t notice it being bulky at all, just comfortable.  The other nice feature is the cinch cord on the top of the slipper that allows you to somewhat customize the fit of your slippers, which is especially important if you are wearing thick socks.  I found that if I cinched in the cord a bit I can even wear the slippers with just a thin sock.  I really wish that they would have these for women though, but made just like this.  The slipper is comfortable and doesn’t heat up my feet too much, even when I’ve worn them with thick wool socks.  Dave wears his quite often without socks at all and says that they are good at keeping his feet at a comfortable temperature.  Plus, the nice thing is that if you do need to run outside, the rubber sole keeps you (and your slippers) protected.  But I do just want to point out that the brand name is Weatherproof, that does not mean that the slippers are actually waterproof or anything like that.  I think they are okay for walking across a damp sidewalk or something because the sole is rubber, however, the body of the slipper is definitely not going to offer you any type of waterproofing.  So, just know that when you are buying them.  You can find these in the warehouse at your Costco US location, as well as online at and  In the US you can get the slippers in brown and black, but the UK also has a tan colour option too.  Dave and I have the brown, which is a really dark brown (despite what the image online indicates) and my mom has the black; they all look nice.  These are a great deal and I’m glad my mom picked up that first pair.  £9.99 or $9.99 (same price, just different currency); the price includes delivery when purchasing online.  Item #751561. 

Cocoa Loco Hot Chocolate Spoons

Cocoa Loco Hot Chocolate Spoons

Cocoa Loco Indulgent Organic Hot Chocolate Spoons – I love a warming cup of hot chocolate on a winter evening, or in the morning, or in the afternoon.  Okay, I just love hot chocolate.  Luckily, so does Dave.  When I found these at, I knew I had to give them a try.  Sure, they are indulgent perhaps, but it is nice to treat yourself every once in a while.  I figured these would be a nice little treat for us when my mom comes to visit in December (next week!).  These remind me of the absolute best hot chocolate I’ve ever had at the Mandarin Oriental in Prague during a Christmas trip we made there.  The weather outside was cold cold cold and snowy and then we came inside to delicious hot chocolate made with real milk and real milk chocolate “spoons” much like these.  The end of the little wooden spoon has a big chunk of milk chocolate on the end.  To make your luscious hot chocolate you just heat some milk and then stir in your chocolate spoon until it melts in and you get the desired level of hot chocolaty goodness.  Depending on how big your cups are you might be able to get two cups of hot chocolate out of one spoon, but we’ve found that just one makes for an excellent cup of hot chocolate.  The spoons are made with Cocoa Loco’s organic, fairtrade chocolate from the Dominican Republic and are made by hand in the UK.  The chocolate is really good and the hot chocolate is delicious!  Each of the 16 spoons is wrapped individually too so you don’t have to worry about all of them being exposed while you’re using them.  Also, this makes them perfect for giving as gifts or taking to work for a special work day treat.  I also like that you can select a delivery date when you order them.  This is a brilliant way to avoid temptation if you getting these for a special Christmas or party treat.  If you’re getting these for Christmas, you’ll need to order by 11 pm on December 16th to make sure you can get these before the big day.  If hot chocolate isn’t your thing, there are lots of other Cocoa Loco treats, like Moustache Lollies.  I got my Cocoa Loco chocolate spoons  at and I think you can only get them there, not in the warehouses, unfortunately.   16 spoons with 30g of chocolate for £18.99.  Item #160518.

Aria 2 Piece PJ Set

Aria 2 Piece PJ Set

Aria Women’s 2 Piece PJ Set – These are the best flannel-like PJs ever, especially for this price.  And now they are even better because they are $4.00 off, so they are only $12.99 until November 30th.  They’re not really flannel, I think, in the most technical sense, and they’re not really fleece.  But honestly, it doesn’t matter because they are unbelievably soft and incredibly warm!  My mom and I both bought a pair of these when I was in the US and love them.  My mom has a pair that she bought last year and she still loves them and they still look and feel great too.  They have a traditional style to them that is comfortable and cute.  The shirt has a notched lapel and a pocket with buttons down the front.  The bottoms have a relaxed fit and a wide legged cut with a drawstring and elastic at the waist.  They have several cute patterns in soft colours, like lilac and light blue.   You can buy them online at or you may be able to find them at your local warehouse too.  I actually got a pair that are pink plaid but it’s not available online, so that demonstrates how they may have different selections available at your local warehouse.  These are the perfect pair of jammies though for cold winter weather.  The softness makes them so cozy and the microfleece material means that they are warm as well.  They are just as soft on the inside as they are on the outside, which isn’t always the case.  I will point out that the two piece set is about half the price of flannel or fleece PJs at other retailers, so these are an incredible deal.  These are going to be perfect with a mug of my nice Cocoa Loco hot chocolate.  As I mentioned, you can get these at or in your local warehouse, and they are the same price no matter where you get them.  They come in sizes small to xx-large unfortunately, they’ve sold out of some sizes online in some of the patterns/colours.  I think Dave was jealous of the super soft feel of these and would have loved a pair for himself.  But really, pink plaid just isn’t his colour.  $12.99 ($16.99 – $4.00 instant savings).  Item #: 870765.

Enzo Mantovani Cashmere Scarf

Enzo Mantovani Cashmere Scarf

Enzo Mantovani Cashmere Blend Scarf –  My mom was looking for a nice scarf on one of our visits to Costco and saw this.  The feeling of this scarf is wonderful, just about as soft as the PJs.  The scarf is made from a blend of 70% wool and 30% cashmere, which makes for a great feel.  And of course, that blend makes the scarf nice and warm and great at blocking out the wind too.  When we were at her local Costco they had several different colours, she chose one that is a black and grey plaid, but they also had a blue, brown, and red one as well.  I think they might have had another colour too but I just can’t be sure.  They also have these online at, but it seems like they are all sold out unfortunately.  Technically, it seems that these are a scarf for men, but really, a scarf is a scarf and not really gender specific.  Because it is designed as a scarf for men, I think it is a bit more generous in its proportions.  The scarf is 62 inches long and 12 inches wide with a few inches of fringe at the ends.  I like a scarf that is long enough to actually wrap around your neck fully, so I think these are great dimensions and the length means that it is actually wide enough to protect your neck fully and tuck into your coat. Unfortunately, I didn’t pick one of these up, but probably should have because they’re not available here at Costco UK it seems (at least I haven’t seen them if they are).  With the instant savings making these just $15.99, it is hard to imagine that you could find such a nice wool and cashmere scarf, that is even a decent thickness, anywhere else for a better price.  At Amazon, the same scarf (brown plaid) is $39.99 with shipping of $5.49!  So, if you have been looking for a wonderful scarf to keep you, or someone you love, warm this winter, head over to Costco and pick one of these up while they are still around.  $15.99 ($19.99 – $4.00 instant savings).  Item #883708.


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  1. 1 Frank // 2014.12.08 at 8:03 pm

    Why on earth after waiting in line at the cashier and furthermore paying for all that I buy, do they stall me again in a line to the exit door by someone who is there to scrutinize and swipe my receipt with approval?!! How else would I have been permitted to enter Costco in the first place without having to pay an enrollment fee?! And, aren’t we well into the age of electronic subservience of item bar codes which automatically trigger a loud horn immediately upon passing an unpaid for item?! It’s virtually impossible to sneak a shopping cart through the cashier row since only those that are manned by operative cashiers are open, those that aren’t are chained closed! Good Grief, COSTCO……..wake up to 2014+!!

  2. 2 Enrique // 2014.12.04 at 6:55 pm

    Weatherproof Men’s Slipper are a small discovery.

    You can find these at Costco Seville in 3 colours

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