What’s Your Favourite Costco Food Court Item?

January 22nd, 2015 · 15 Comments

I read an article recently that ranked all of the Costco Food Court items in based on the preferences of the author and it got me thinking about what I liked the best.  I’ve been really fortunate in that I’ve had a chance to try out the Food Courts in a few different countries and there are some definite differences depending on local tastes, but there are also a lot of similarities.  Of course, the biggest similarity that cuts across absolutely all Costco locations is the hot dog and soda deal.  And from looking at tables around me in Japan, Korea, Australia, the UK and US, it seems like it is the overwhelming favourite world wide.

Hot dog & churro lunch

Hot dog & churro lunch

I do tend to agree with the (apparently) prevailing opinion that the hot dog and soda are tops.  I know a number of people got really upset when they switched from Hebrew National hot dogs to their own Kirkland Signature beef hot dogs.  And I know that there were people who weren’t big fans of the taste of the new KS dogs either, a lot of people told me they found them too garlicky or too fatty.  I’m not in either of those camps though, because I like their all beef hot dogs and find them to be the perfect end to my Costco shopping trip.  I like mine with lots of onions and mustard, sometimes relish but never, ever ketchup.  My only problem is with the soda portion of this meal deal because I’m not huge into drinking soda but I can usually find something like root beer that will keep me happy.  And how can you not like something that has been on the menu for decades without a price increase?

I also like the churros and don’t agree with the person that wrote the article saying that they were too soft and doughy.  The churros at Costco are much like churros I’ve gotten pretty much everywhere else with the right amount of crunchiness, but not so hard that they shatter when you bite into one.  Of course, like anything fried, it depends on the a number of factors that don’t always go perfectly.  The only thing that would make them better is if they added a chocolate dipping sauce like I’ve had at other places.  But for the $1.00 price, these are a nice sweet treat.

Costco UK Food Court Menu (at least most of it)

Costco UK Food Court Menu (at least most of it)

In the UK, I have to say that I love the cottage pie.  It’s more pricey than the hot dog and drink, but on a cold day it is delicious!  Just talking about it makes me think that I will have to get one this weekend when we go to Costco.  I mean, it is hard to beat a toasty warm combination of minced beef with a topping of mashed potatoes.  I liked this so much when we had it in the Costco Food Court initially that I now buy the three pack of cottage pies in the Costco deli area.  They freeze perfectly and make for a great winter dinner when paired with a vegetable or salad.

In the UK we are also lucky enough to have jacket potatoes, a.k.a baked potatoes, too.  This is something I definitely like because I’m a fan of the potato in its many forms.  I still haven’t tried a jacket potato with baked beans on it, just because I’m not a huge fan of baked beans.  But I do like the one with tuna after I just put aside the feeling that tuna on a jacket/baked potato wasn’t right.  I should probably try that combination at home for lunch sometimes to have a change from a tuna sandwich or tuna on crackers.

So, those are some of my favourites from the Costco Food Court.  But I’m curious to hear what everyone else likes the best.  I’ve never tried the ice cream sundaes or smoothies for various reasons so I’m hoping someone will share their opinions of those items too.

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  1. 1 Steve // 2015.04.17 at 10:11 am

    The best item is the memory of their soft pretzels. Yes, even the memory is better than the zit fried churro. They have a bakery and fresh dough. I mean just throw some dough through the oven. Doesn’t even have to be in a pretzel shape.

  2. 2 Kevin // 2015.02.06 at 4:06 am

    I usually pick the Polish w/soda and combo slice. I add extra white onions from the dispenser to my pizza and the sausage gets a little ketchup on one side, deli mustard on the other, white onions down the middle, a little relish, then the sauerkraut on top (the relish acts as the glue).

    I always try any unique food court item when I visit a new Costco: Pittsburgh, PA had a pastrami sandwich and an Italian sausage sandwich (with roasted peppers, pretty good) https://www.flickr.com/photos/klew97/2546638709

    I also tried the Montreal smoked sandwich and poutine at the downtown Vancouver, BC location.

  3. 3 Pascal // 2015.01.29 at 8:59 am

    Since December, Costco UK introduced the pulled pork bun! I think it is the best decision they have taken – tastes really good.

    @nulle he in UK we can purchase the Hotdog on it’s own ( not advertised, but i purchase it for my child) – it is £0.30 cheaper compared the one with soft drink (soda)

  4. 4 nulle // 2015.01.27 at 10:24 pm

    what gets me is that Costco doesn’t offer the hot dog by itself like it used to…what happens if I want just the hot dog to go with my coffee? or a second hot dog on top of the hot dog with soda?

  5. 5 John // 2015.01.27 at 5:32 pm

    It’s the French fries. I have only seen them at two locations, Newington and Sterling which are both in Virginia. The fries, hotdog & soda and a frozen yogurt swirl come to $4.35. That will be my Super Bowl pre-game meal.

  6. 6 Carlos // 2015.01.26 at 3:03 pm

    Wish they would bring back the beef bake (forgot the real name) that was made of meat and guac instead of the dry chicken bake that is always a little overcooked.

  7. 7 Eric // 2015.01.26 at 12:26 am

    When I went to Hawaii 3 years ago, the Hawaii in Honolulu had Poke bowls. The bowl was good and I got so much food to fill my girlfriend and I.

    Definitely a hawaii exclusive but thought I would share for those readers planning on making their way to the Islands.

    • 8 Kriste // 2015.08.27 at 9:07 pm

      You are so right the Costco’s in Hawaii have the greatest fresh fish!! The poke is amazing and if you venture into Costco (Maui & Kauai) the have fabulous sushi 15-20 pieces for $10, they sit on ice next to the produce and someone is there to help you. Amazing, I wish CA had that.

  8. 9 Jennifer // 2015.01.26 at 12:15 am

    I still miss the delicious cinnamon sugar pretzels that Costco used to have at their food court several years ago.

  9. 10 Enrique // 2015.01.23 at 9:04 pm

    In Seville we have pizzas, hot dogs, sandwiches with ham and cheese, and fried potatoes for lunch

    Coffee, and churros for the evening.

    We have smoothies and sundaes.

    The sundae is very good. I have taste the chocolate sundae.

  10. 11 Barb // 2015.01.22 at 10:13 pm

    In Canada, Costco food court has Montreal smoked meat sandwiches. Wonderfully delicious and big enough for 2 people at lunch time.

    • 12 Kimberly // 2015.01.23 at 6:16 am

      @Barb – I’m intrigued by the Montreal smoked meat sandwich. It sounds good. What’s on it besides meat? Is it something that you put cheese on and stuff like that? Or, is it all about the meat?

      • 13 Barb // 2015.01.25 at 8:17 am

        It’s all about the meat. Most people just put mustard on it. You can buy it in vacuum packed portions in store and use it for a Reuben.

  11. 14 Doris // 2015.01.22 at 9:33 pm

    Love the hot dog and soda. It’s big enough to share. The gelato is good also as are the French fries. You can’t find the gelato or fries in all stores.

  12. 15 Eileen // 2015.01.22 at 8:44 pm

    Have to say we LOVE the dog and drink! We have a 90 min drive to our Costco, so we shop, then have our dogs, then pack the car, then hurry home to get cold stuff onto the fridge/freezer. The dogs are sooo good!

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