Costco Gas Stations Have Most Competitive Pricing in the US

February 26th, 2015 · 2 Comments

About a week ago, announced the findings in their annual survey of the top 100 most competitive gas station prices across the US for 2014.  Just as in 2012 and 2013, Costco led the way as the most competitively priced gas in the nation.  Woot!  Way to go Costco for saving members tons of money on their gas over the last few years!

Each year, GasBuddy surveys nearly 35 million individual gasoline prices and compares each brand’s pump offering (by zip code) to the average price of local competitors. It then tabulates the results, rating each brand by the average discount it delivered versus the average pump prices in its competitive area.  This survey only accounts for gas stations that have 30 or more outlets across the US.  For the GasBuddy survey period, Costco had 395 gas stations.

Save money, fill 'er up at Costco!

Save money, fill ‘er up at Costco!

Since 2012 Costco has been the clear leader in pricing their gas at the best level when compared to other gas stations.  According to the GasBuddy survey, in 2014 Costco’s prices were more than $0.16/gallon lower than their competitors; 16.29 cents/gallon to be precise.  And that discount is even bigger, by about 16%, than their 2013 level of $0.14/gallon less than competitors.  Plus, as customer satisfaction surveys have found in the past, they are always very clean and customers are big fans of the Costco gas stations.  Depending on how much you drive, you could probably make up the cost of a Gold Star membership over the course of a year with that kind of a savings per gallon.

The other warehouse stores, Sam’s Club and BJ’s Wholesale Club, were also quite competitive on their gas prices.  Sam’s Club came in at number five on the list with 10.79 cents per gallon less than competitors.  And right behind at number six, BJ’s had gas prices that were 10.19 cents per gallon less than competitors.  BJ’s is actually the leader in New England where they are the most competitive in the region, offering prices that are $0.12/gallon less than competitors; Costco doesn’t even have enough gas stations in the region to be on the list.  Costco was the low cost leader in all other regions in the US though.

You can view the full list of the Top 100 Most Competitive Brands in USA at, or you can view the breakdown by region.

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  1. 1 Rick Vanover // 2015.03.01 at 9:42 pm

    One thing is consistent is that in the US, Costco fuel stations will always have the lowest price within a reasonable perimeter of that warehouse. In my city, it’s not uncommon to see $0.30-$0.40 per gallon differences across town. But what I’ve learned is Costco is a safe bet, that’s all that matters!

  2. 2 npbk // 2015.02.26 at 10:45 am

    Costco’s gas inventory has a higher turn over rate than other gas stations. So Costco’s price is more “up to date”. When crude oil price consistently drops like what happened this winter, Costco’s gas price drops much faster than other gas stations, and vice versa. In early January, the costco store I always go to has gas price 35 cents lower than the BP next to it. Now with crude oil price goes up mildly, the costco’s gas price is only 6 cents lower. People start to go to other gas stations and avoid the long waiting lines at Costco. I find this a little interesting.

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