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There were a lot of plans submitted this past month and a lot of good news for new Costco locations.  Of course, there’s also the usual amount of complaining from people that don’t want a Costco near them.  There’s one new store opening this month in Canada too.

March Openings:
LÉVIS, QUEBEC, CANADA March 12, 2015


Branford, Connecticut

Costco has submitted plans to build a 158,000 square foot warehouse, along with a gas stations, off of I-95 at exit 56 in Branford.  The 44 acre lot borders East Main Street to the north, East Industrial Road to the south, and Leetes Island Road to the west.  The plans include some modifications to the existing traffic signal at the East Industrial Road intersection and Costco plans to install their entranceway to have direct access to Exit 56’s southbound ramps.  The lot where the new Costco will be built is actually made up of five separately owned parcels of land. Three of the parcels are vacant, one of the parcels hosts a shellfish processing facility, and the last one houses an industrial warehouse building.Costco will lease the land associated with its main building and parking lot but the remaining acres will stay in the hands of their current owners.  The land is currently zoned for industrial, so Costco will need to apply to get the zoning changed, but there is another area nearby that has already been rezoned to house a gas station and supermarket.  Of course, there’s already a group of residents that are up in arms about the development, saying that Costco isn’t a good fit for the town or the area where they want to build.  I’d think that an area that houses a shellfish processing plant can’t be all that fancy, so what’s the big deal about adding a Costco?

Tulsa, Oklahoma

The first Costco in Oklahoma took a big step forward recently with the purchase of a parcel of land in Tulsa.  Costco purchased 18.2 acres on the northwest corner of 103rd Street and Memorial Drive.  It seems like they might still be targeting an opening in Fall 2015, but nothing in the article gives a definite date for starting the actual building or when they propose to be open.   The new warehouse will also have a gas station and a liquor store.  Due to liquor laws in Oklahoma, the liquor store will need to be like a separate store with a different entrance and completely closed off from the Costco store.  They have a couple of images with the article that show a map of where the new location will be, as well as an overhead rendering of the site.

Bellingham, Washington

In early February, Costco finally filed for a city building permit in Bellingham for their new store to be located off West Bakerview Road.  This comes after months of negotiations between the city and Fred Meyer Stores.  Fred Meyer and Lummi Nation appealed the city’s preliminary approval of wetlands, stormwater and street modifications along West Bakerview.  Lummi Nation dropped their appeal in July 2014, now with agreements from the city of Bellingham and Costco to build new roads and make improvements in the area to address traffic concerns, Fred Meyer has dropped their appeal as well.  So, it looks like Costco can start moving forward with their plans for a new 162,000 square foot warehouse and 24 pump gas station.  Costco agreed to build two eastbound left-turn lanes on West Bakerview Road near their proposed entrance, as well as a westbound right-turn lane in that area, and extend a westbound left-turn lane that allows drivers to enter the Fred Meyer parking lot.  Costco will also build a five-lane north-south entrance road called Arctic Avenue for the entrance to their store.  This new road will connect up with a new road being built by the city.  Mahogany Avenue, being built by the city, will connect Pacific Highway, which parallels Interstate 5, and Northwest Avenue. The road is supposed to be built by November 2016 and will be funded in part with $3.5 million in federal and state money.  Honestly, it a whole bunch of new roads being built over the next couple of years.  Costco also will need permits from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the state Department of Ecology related to wetlands impacts.  Given all the road building and the wetlands stuff, it’s not expected that this new Costco will be open before August 2016.

Indianapolis, Indiana

Costco has plans to build a new store south of Indianapolis, along the Marion-Johnson County line.   The site runs along County Line Road, near Emerson Avenue and Costco will need to get the land on the Marion County side rezoned as commercial before any building can be done.  The new Costco will be built behind the existing Korger, on a site that was once planned to be a Cabela’s store.  A public hearing on rezoning the land for Costco is set for March 12.

Submitted drawings for proposed Napa Costco

Submitted drawings for proposed Napa Costco

Napa County, California

Costco has finally submitted plans for their proposed 150,000 square foot Napa Pipe location.  They changed up the regular design of the building, I guess to make it fit the design guidelines and make it more appealing to the residents in the area.  The proposed design will combine a concrete masonry block and architectural metal panels to minimize the visual impacts of a large retail warehouse.  Of course, there seems to be a lot of grumbling about a Costco going in here, so I’m not sure the design is going to change too many minds.  Aside from site grading and basic works like that, Costco must get a county building permit before it can start constructing the building. Another key is for Napa Redevelopment Partners to secure water for Napa Pipe from the city of Napa.  Napa Pipe is 154 acres along the Napa River at 1025 Kaiser Road. The site is targeted for 700 to 945 residences, parks, trails, a hotel, a senior retirement center, shops.  And hopefully a new Costco.  Since the area used to be very industrial, it doesn’t look great now, with lots of weeds, dirt and asphalt, so certainly a new development would be an improvement.

Auburn, California

I guess all of the legal wrangling between Placer County and the city of Auburn just got to be too much for Costco.  They sent a letter to Placer County in February to terminate their ground lease on the property, the Placer County Government Center, where they were proposing to build a new warehouse.  The one-page letter didn’t offer an explanation for the change of heart, merely asking the county to return $530,000 Costco previously paid as a deposit.   So, it looks like Auburn won’t be getting a new Costco after all, unfortunately.

Ukiah, California

As you may remember, there’s a lawsuit being brought against the proposed Ukiah Costco development by two FoodMaxx grocery store workers alleging issues with the certification of the Environmental Impact Report for the project.  Yeah, seems not more than a bit self-serving, huh?  The lawsuit was filed in May 2014 and has been dragging on a bit since then, but now a hearing has been set for April 17 in Mendocino County Superior Court Judge Jeanine Nadel’s courtroom.   These two FoodMaxx workers wrote a letter to the local paper saying that they’re not against Costco, but they know that there are significant design flaws with the proposed plans.  It makes me wonder why they are working at FoodMaxx if they are such experts in engineering and traffic planning.  In any case, we’ll have to wait to see how this all turns out in April.

Upcoming Holidays:

  • Costco Australia:
    • March 9, 2015:  Locations in Adelaide, Canberra, Ringwood, and Docklands CLOSED.

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  1. 1 Steve // 2015.04.15 at 9:08 am

    A little off on the Costco in Branford. The Costco is not going on 5 sites, its one site, but its part of a Master Plan which includes other, yet separate, sites. Yes, there is opposition, the same group that pretty much opposes everything.

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