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This is the last weekend to take advantage of the current Costco US coupon book, so if you have your eye on some stuff in there, you need to quit putting off your trip to Costco.   Also, as I’m sure you all know, next weekend is Easter, so if you can shop this weekend instead of next, I would highly suggest it.  Costco can get really crazy right before a holiday.  I’ve got a post on Tuesday with all of the hours and closures as a result of Easter too.  And lastly, if you’re in the UK, don’t forget that this is the sad weekend that we “spring” forward an hour and lose an hour of sleep.  I hate doing this but at least it means that Spring is really here and Summer is just around the corner.

Fresh Limes

Fresh Limes

Fresh Limes – I love fresh limes, sometimes even more than lemon.  They’ve still got lots of citrusy punch like a lemon, but they’re not quite as bitter or tart, so that makes them more versatile, I think.  Lime is great for making salad dressings, pepping up sparkling water, spritzing on fresh fruit to enhance the flavour, making a subtle citrus sauce, adding to mixed drinks and cocktails that should have an umbrella in them, and using for marinades.  I bought these specifically to spritz on my fresh mango slices to really enhance the flavour.  This is something they do at Pret and I just really like it, so I can save a ton of money by buying my mango and limes from Costco instead.  I also ended up using them on my avocados so that I could eat them plain with just a touch of salt and lime.  But I found that they work really well with the crayfish tails that we picked up as well.  I ended up making a great salad from all of the items that I have in my post this week.  All of the tastes work really well together and the lime just added to it perfectly.  Since I had them on hand, I also found that they work just as well with salmon as lemons.   I made kind of a blackened salmon thing with spices like garlic, ancho chilli powder, oregano, and smoked paprika and then places lime slices on top while baking and did a final small spritz of lime just before serving and they were terrific.  Of course, the limes are much less expensive than at the regular supermarkets too.  Ocado has a deal where I can get two of their six lime bags for £3.00 and that’s the best deal going right now, which is still £0.70 more than at Costco.  I’m not saying that twelve limes isn’t a lot to work through, but they’ll keep for quite a while, especially if you put them in the fridge.    12 pack for £2.29.  Item #: 0000226.

Sunripe Mango Slices

Sunripe Mango Slices

Sunripe Sliced Mango – I used to buy sliced mango quite a bit but started to feel like I should buy my own and slice it.  But I feel like there’s less waste to buy it this way because my mango cutting skills aren’t that great and I’m pretty sure the people at Sunripe have better than I am.  Mangoes aren’t all that fun to skin and slice up, so I definitely prefer to buy them already prepared, even though I know it is more expensive.  Truly, it’s one of the things that I will pay for the pleasure of not doing myself, like mowing my lawn.  I often cube the sliced mango and eat it fresh with just a squirt of lime.  Though, sometimes I add in a bit of Greek yogurt too.  Since they don’t have the mango nectar here I make my own little mango beverage with sparkling water too.  I’ve come up with a pretty good way of doing this, though I’d still rather buy Langer’s Mango Nectar.  I chop up the fruit in my food processor (I don’t have a blender here, so the food processor does some weird things) until it is basically like a puree, and then I add some sparkling mineral water and can get a pretty close approximation of what I used to make with the nectar.  Of course, the slices are great to just eat by themselves too.  The slices are excellent for a dessert or snack when teamed with coconut rice.  I’ve never done it because I’m not a big ice cream eater, but I’ll bet they would be equally delicious with vanilla ice cream in a sort of tropical sundae.  Mangoes are probably my favourite fruit though, so I will try teaming them with just about anything.  Have I mentioned how good they are with grilled salmon or Thai panang?  450 grams for £3.99.  Item #: 0150529.

Crown Seafood Spanish Wild Caught Crayfish

Crown Seafood Spanish Wild Caught Crayfish

Crown Seafood Spanish Wild Caught Crayfish Tails – These were a total impulse purchase and I’m really glad that we picked these up.  These are a delicious little addition to salads, sandwiches and in a sauce/topping for fish and steak alike.  Mostly I have used these for salads at lunchtime because they are really low in fat and calories but have a huge amount of protein.  They are filling, but also really tasty.  I’ve found that they go really well with avocados and cucumbers (also from Costco, of course).  They just make the perfect fresh and light tasting salad for lunch.  I’ve also used them to make sandwiches, making a crayfish spread by adding a bit of mayo and mustard to slightly chopped crayfish.  We used them to make an impromptu sauce for our steaks one night too.  I deglazed the pan with a bit of sherry and then combined some butter and shallots in the pan and softened, then I added the crayfish at the end just to heat them through, lastly I removed it from the heat and added some sour cream to give it a bit of body and voila a beautiful and quick topping for our steaks.  We liked it so much we tried it on salmon too, only I added a bit of lime juice, and it worked equally well.  Yum!  The crayfish tails at Costco come in a big tub with a total weight of 1600 grams, but the drained weight of the crayfish is 850 grams, so there’s quite a lot in there.  They are in a brine which keeps them fresh but doesn’t seem to have too much of an impact on the flavour if you drain them well.  As you can imagine, normal supermarkets don’t sell big packages like this, instead selling their crayfish in small 120 gram packages that are pretty expensive.  The 120 gram package will run you someplace between £2.72 – £3.41 right now.  If I do the math that means that to get the same quantity as at Costco, you will pay at least £19.27, instead of £14.00.   850 grams for £13.99.  Item #: 0184648.

Avocados -Who doesn’t like a fresh, perfectly ripe avocado?  We can eat them just right out of the shell, we love them so much.  We often do just that, eating a couple of them for dinner just sliced up with a pinch of salt and pepper.  I had actually bought these to have for lunch with salads and sandwiches though.  These were some of the best avocados I have had in a while too because the last few times I’ve gotten them from Ocado (foolishly).  The avocados from Costco were not quite ripe when we bought them, which is perfect.  I allowed them to ripen over the next couple of days on the counter.  Once they got ripe I put them in the fridge and that works to keep them good until we want to eat them (obviously not forever, but for a few extra days).  I felt lucky because none of the avocados had yucky spots; I am usually not this fortunate.  Out of the five avocados in the package at Costco, none of them were gross or even had brown spots.  I try to only buy my avocados at Costco, unless I’m in a real emergency dining situation because they are so much nicer.  But sometimes I forget in between Costco trips how much better they are and mistakenly get them from Ocado, and they are never as good or fresh.  Sometimes Costco is much cheaper than local markets too, though not always.  Of course, if you consider that they are usually fresher at Costco and you can actually eat them all instead of have to throw some out, then they’re always a better deal at Costco.  The last pack of three avocados that I got from Ocado were smaller than those at Costco, and I had to get rid of half of one and big chunks of the other two, but they were a bit less expensive at just £0.90 per avocado.  Of course, with all that waste, it doesn’t really seem like a savings.  I somehow forgot to take a picture of my avocados from Costco, but I’m sure you all know what a net of avocados looks like anyway.  If you’re looking for some new avocado based treats to try, I found this great collection of twenty avocado dessert recipes you might want to check out.  There are a couple of these that I’m going to try with my next bunch of avocados from Costco.   5 pack for £4.99.  Item #: 0000239.



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