Costco US Coupon Book: May 7 – 31, 2015

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The new coupon book starts this Thursday (May 7) and runs for the rest of the month, May 31.  This new coupon book offers $1,300.00 in savings, like the previous set of coupons, and some really good deals, I think.  There are some great coupons for things that are perfect for kicking off your summer, like sunscreen and Off!, as well as a variety of items if you’re planning on having a Memorial Day get together at the end of the month.  Just like last month, I’ve got a post from frequent guest poster Rick, so that you can get a fresh take on this new bunch of coupons.

Costco US Coupon Book: May 7 - 31, 2015

Costco US Coupon Book: May 7 – 31, 2015

This month I have uploaded the new Costco US Coupon Book PDF (or view it in the Google PDF viewer) (this is a PDF of what they posted online), or you can view it at the warehouse coupons on the website.  If you weren’t aware, Costco has updated their coupon policy for “streamlined savings”.  Basically, that means that you won’t have to clip coupons (if you ever needed to for your location anyway) again, but instead you can just show the cashier the coupon book or the smartphone app to redeem any offers marked with a blue arrow (which will make more sense when you see the coupon book).  You can get the app for either iPhone or Android in their respective app stores.  The only coupons that you must have the app or coupon book to redeem are the ones with the blue arrow, but they are all pretty much instant savings deals lately.  For many, they didn’t have to clip coupons anyway, so this isn’t necessarily all that different.  If you didn’t get your book or never do, you should stop by Customer Service and make sure that they have all of your mailing information correct and that you have allowed them permission to send you things in the mail.  Or, just use the Costco smartphone app.

Costco US Coupon Book: May 7 – May 31, 2015

The next wave of US coupons starts after a four day break from some really good offers showcased last month. The May coupon book has some hidden gems to get the US customers ready for the summer season, note that Costco US locations are closed on Monday, May 25 in observance of the Memorial Day holiday.

Nestlé Pure Life Purified Bottled Water 16.9oz 78/24ct Cases

Nestlé Pure Life Purified Bottled Water

The first item I want to draw attention to in this coupon book comes from almost the last page. Do you ever look closely at the online-only deals? Historically I’d lose interest in those pages but not after this gem I saw. Nestle Pure Life purified water is only $399 for an entire pallet, delivered. This is 1,872 bottles of water and shipped anywhere in the US Mainland. Personally in my home, I don’t have a need for this quantity of water but it is an incredible deal. But this can be boon to Costco members who shop on behalf of their company, or the reasoning you need to convince your company to become a member.

Instant Savings $4 OFF No LIMIT. Tyson Panko Breaded Chicken Breast Tenderloins 5 lbs. Item 7416.

Tyson Panko Breaded Chicken Breast Tenderloins, 5 lbs.

This series of coupons also features Tyson’s Panko breaded chicken breast tenderloins in a five pound bag offered at $4 off. These tenderloins are really tasty and quite versatile for many situations. The kids love them with ketchup or even plain. I’ve chopped them up for salads for my wife and myself. You can also toss them with buffalo sauce and wrap in a tortilla with lettuce, cheese, tomato and blue cheese dressing for a nice spicy treat. Now that you may be hungry and interested in these awesome chicken tenderloins, don’t make the mistake of prepping them in the microwave. Definitely take the extra time to put them in the oven (and use a convection mode if you can) to really get the benefit of the panko breading. It’s a night and day difference.

Instant Savings $5 OFF LIMIT 10. Ziploc Space Bags • Triple your storage space • Airtight, watertight, reusable • Protects against dirt, moisture and mildew. Item 985843.

Ziploc Space Bags

For a busy household, the Ziploc Space Bags are $5 off and something I’d recommend to have at the ready. One use case for these that came in handy was from a family vacation a few years ago. I was able to put my child’s car seat in one of these bags and check it in as luggage for our trip, including the return. This was so handy for a number of reasons. Most importantly, we didn’t have to carry the car seat on the aircraft. Secondly, I was able to keep the car seat fabric clean during the transfer in the luggage hold of the aircraft. Lastly, it ended up raining when we arrived – so the bag kept the car seat dry. Additionally, these bags are very durable and can be reused. Maybe you can find a good use case for these handy bags!

Instant Savings $1.00 OFF No limit. Kirkland Signature Torta Sandwich Rolls, 12 ct. Item 18610.

KS Torta Sandwich Rolls, 12 ct.

I was honestly a little disappointed that this month didn’t have any coupon items from the bakery (referring to in-store baked items) or meat departments. But one thing did make up for my cranky Costco moment, the Kirkland Signature Torta sandwich rolls are $1 off.  These are a really good texture and taste that allow anyone to try their hand at making artisan sandwiches. Additionally, these rolls work well on griddles, pans or baked in the oven for toasting and cheese melting endeavors. I think the favorite sandwich I made on these was a homemade meatball (I make my own Italian sausage) sandwich with melted provolone.

Instant Savings $2.50 OFF LIMIT 2. Kirkland Signature™ Disinfecting Wipes 304 ct. Item 691270.

KS Disinfecting Wipes 304 ct.

Kirkland Signature disinfecting wipes are $2.50 off of 304 wipes. These wipes are tough and leave surfaces clean, especially helpful with kids and my kitchen experiments. It looks like they may have changed the packaging yet again on the popular wipes, and knowing my luck they’ve moved them to a different location in the warehouse as well!

I’m pretty sure that only I could get excited about toilet paper going on sale, but this is for good reason. Cottonelle Ultra Bath tissue is $4.30 off the 36 roll pack.

Instant Savings $4.30 OFF LIMIT 4. Cottonelle Ultra Bath Tissue 36/225 Sheets. Item 580455. Also Available at

Cottonelle Ultra Bath Tissue 36/225 Sheets.

Why am I so excited? Well, both of the Costco warehouses in my market don’t carry Cottonelle all the time. I’m excited because in three of our household bathrooms, the bath tissue is on a tower of sorts and the ridges that are on Cottonelle are much more ascetic for this structure. Additionally, I would shrill if the tower had mismatching bath tissues. We really prefer this bath tissue, and are happy to see it come back and be on sale.

Book or APP Required $30 OFF No LIMIT. BUY ONE PAIR of eyeglasses AND GET $30 OFF each additional pair for the same individual. Not valid with any other offer. Selection varies by location. Current prescription required. Transaction must occur on the same day. Each pair of eyeglasses, (new frame & lenses) must be for the same individual.

Costco Optical Center Eyeglasses

The last special I want to point out is in the Costco Optical department. When you buy one pair, you can get $30 any additional pairs of glasses. This includes prescription sunglasses, which are always nice to have going into summer. One additional note is that all glasses come with a very durable case, either a Kirkland Signature universal case or one specific to the frames that you selected. I recently ordered a pair of Spy+ glasses and couldn’t be happier with them. I’ll have to watch for this coupon to come back around! Note that this discount (as does the ink refill service for $2 off) do require the barcode in the coupon book. If you forgot the book, check with the greeters upon entry. My local warehouse have had coupon books there for shoppers arriving

That does it for this coupon book, which expires at the end of May. Do any of the items in this coupon book appeal to you? If so, tell us what you are looking forward to!


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