Locations Update: May 2015

May 7th, 2015 · 6 Comments

For some reason there doesn’t seem to be too much location news this month.  I’m guessing that I missed some stuff when I was on vacation.  However, there’s still a little bit of news.  Unfortunately, most of it is for locations that I’ve already written about, so nothing new and exciting really.  Sorry!  Hopefully I’ll have better news next month.  There is a bit of good news though, it looks like there will be 14 new locations opening across the world between June and August (I’ve updated the list on my AddictedToCostco.com: Locations page accordingly).

May Openings:
No Openings


Hamilton Crossings development in Lower Macungie Township

Hamilton Crossings development in Lower Macungie Township

Lower Macungie Township, Pennsylvania

Well, after all the tax and funding issues, the new Hamilton Crossings development is breaking ground this week.  This new development will be home to a shiny new Costco, as well as Whole Foods, Target, and Dick’s Sporting Goods, to name just a few.  Crews have actually been working on the site since March, but today (Thursday, May 7, 2015) marks the official groundbreaking to celebrate the new $140 million development.   The 570,000 square foot development is slated to be finished by July 2016.

Lansing, Michigan

While nothing is official or about to happen, Costco has apparently been in talks with officials from the Delta Township about coming to the area.  There’s nothing confirmed, there’s no property mentioned yet, but the talks are a positive sign for a Costco in the Lansing area.  Township officials would like to see Costco come into a development off of Saginaw Highway or I-69, which the township thinks would be perfect for a mixed use type of development.  We shall have to see how this works itself out.

Branford, Connecticut

Back in February, Costco submitted a plan to the Planning and Zoning Commission seeking to build a 158,070 square foot main clubhouse facility in a Planned Development District on 44.7 acres near Exit 56.  It seems that was the opening salvo in a battle to build this new location which is being opposed by the Branford Citizens for Responsible Development organization on environmental concerns.  It seems that there are some wetlands on part of the site, though the developer has no plans to development near the wetlands.  But there’s also a need for a giant parking lot and it seems that is what has the citizens group so riled up because it will mean that 76% of the site is covered with surfaces that will not allow for rainwater absorption.  There have already been three public hearings on the plans, and there will be at least one more public hearing during the board’s meeting tonight (May 7, 2015).  I knew this one was going to be problematic.  Hopefully it won’t drag on like things have in Wheaton.

Wheaton, Maryland

Speaking of contentious…  The fight still rages in Wheaton about Costco’s desire to build a 16 pump gas station at their location here.  The next stop is the Montgomery County Circuit Court. Costco filed a petition Thursday asking a judge to reverse a county Board of Appeals decision in March that denied their request for a special zoning exception.  Costco contends that the board erred because it didn’t determine that emissions from the gas station would exceed federal or state air pollution standards, rather the board “erroneously” relied on “speculation” that complying with those standards would be “somehow insufficient.”  This has been going on since 2010 and has generated tons of paperwork and 36 hearings.

Upcoming Holidays:

  • Costco Canada:
    • Victoria Day, May 18, 2015:  All locations CLOSED;
      • Exceptions: Kingston, Quebec, and Nova Scotia locations OPEN.
  • Costco US:
    • Memorial Day, May 25, 2015:  All locations CLOSED.



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  1. 1 Eric // 2016.03.10 at 5:53 pm

    What is going on with the Costco that is supposed to be opening in Oceanside NY ? Did they start to break ground on the site ? This is taking forever.

  2. 2 Paula // 2015.05.13 at 9:56 pm

    When is the Costco in Oceanside, NY going to open?

  3. 3 SS // 2015.05.08 at 6:10 am

    When are they going to look at

  4. 4 ENRIQUE // 2015.05.07 at 5:35 pm

    Costco will open a second Costco in Las Rozas (Nothern of Madrid) in 2016.

    This store will be the third in Spain after Seville (May 2014) and Getafe, Madrid (September 2015)


  5. 5 scott // 2015.05.07 at 10:41 am

    Can anyone point me to a complete, updated list of Costco locations with zip code and/or latitude and longitude?

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