How about some Vodka, a Vodka Luge, and Fireworks from for your next party?

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I like to post about some of the more interesting items that can be purchased on the Costco websites.  Some of the things are just really pricey, some of it a little unexpected, and some of it is just odd.  Today, I’ve got something that I saw in one of the recent Costco UK email newsletters though and I think it is both unexpected and odd, so of course I wanted to share it with everyone here.

Vodka Luge at

Vodka Luge at

A few weeks ago I noticed something called a “vodka luge” in one of my emailings from  So, naturally, you have to check something like that out because it seemed kind of an odd item for Costco to be selling online.  For those of you that, like me, are wondering “what the heck is a vodka luge”, I now have the answer.  As you can sort of put together it is an ice sculpture with a tube installed through it that allows you to pour vodka in the top and have it come out, perfectly chilled having passed through the ice of the sculpture.  An ice sculpture seems to be an odd item to sell online.  Though, possibly it is no stranger than selling fresh meat.  But really I wonder how do they ship it so that it remains frozen and not just turn into a pool of slushy water?  You do get to select your preferred delivery date, so that helps to ensure that someone is actually there to accept delivery and it won’t be hanging around outside sweating by your front door.  This is what the company, The Ice Box, say about the meltiness of your vodka luge and delivery:

Eventually it will melt, but it will stay frozen during transit. Stored in specially insulated packaging, your Vodka Luge will remain frozen and not start melting until at least 8pm on the day of delivery. Once unwrapped and set up, the average life span of the Vodka Luge is from 4 to 6 hours. The Vodka Luge melting is part of the party experience… watching it transform through the event.

Yeah, that party was great – we had fun watching ice melt!  Not so sure that I think watching ice melt needs to be part of any good party, but perhaps that is because I haven’t had enough vodka.

The good thing is that if you leave the tube in place you can pour anything through the ice sculpture that you want.  But if you take that out that you have to go with spirits like vodka, gin, or whisky.  Oh yeah, they also suggest that you only use it for liquids that have already been chilled. Which seems to beg the question, why do you really need a vodka luge at all then? But I guess it is all about creating a certain party atmosphere.  You can choose from ten different designs at, but they’re all the same price of £99.99.

Kirkland Signature French Vokda

Kirkland Signature French Vokda

And of course, if you’ve got the cool vodka luge, you need some vodka to pour through it too, right?  I think it seems strange that you can buy alcoholic beverages through, but you definitely can do it.  You can get a giant 1.75 litre bottle (or is it a jug at that point) of the Kirkland Signature French Vodka for just £39.99 through the Costco UK website.  While the Costco US website has information about various alcoholic beverages, they don’t actually sell it online.  I guess this is just a result of differences in regulation for liquor sales but it seems really odd to me.  Here’s what Costco UK mentions about selling and delivering and how that could mean it ends up in the hands of a minor:

It is against the law to sell alcohol to persons under the age of 18 in the UK. By placing an order, you confirm that you are at least 18 years old. If our courier has any doubt as to the age of the person receiving the order, he or she will ask for a form of identification…

Deliveries of alcohol to Scottish addresses require us to deliver to the recipient only and to no alternate address.

The website has several types of vodka available, but they’ve also got whisky, gin, tequila, brandy, cognac, and rum that you can buy from the comfort of your sofa.  They also sell wine and champagne too.  It is really a liquor store that is just a click of the mouse away. I will say, they have some excellent high end items that would be great if you wanted to send someone a gift.  Also, if you don’t have a Costco around you, I can see how this might be the perfect way to get the savings and products that they have available and you might not be able to find locally.  But still it just seems crazy to me that you can buy wine and spirits online!

Black Cat Intense Power Ultimate Firework Quad Pack

Black Cat Intense Power Ultimate Firework Quad Pack

But wait, there’s more craziness to be had at!  So, now that you’ve bought some alcoholic beverages and the cool vodka luge, the next thing any good party needs is fireworks, right?  And naturally, you can get those at the Costco UK website too.  In the US fireworks are apparently a bit more tightly regulated.  I know when we were kids you could buy them around 4th of July from stands on the side of the road, but I think they’ve done away with that kind of fast and lose fireworks selling.  Not to mention, they have really curtailed where you can light them off at too.  But apparently, that is not the case in the UK because you can buy fireworks at a lot of places, much to my amazement.  However, I didn’t know that you could get them online in the UK, but you learn something new everyday.  At the Costco UK website you can choose from seven different Black Cat fireworks selections with prices ranging from £74.89 to £189.99.  The most expensive set has 345 single ignition shots (I think that means, 345 things exploding in the air) broken down into four different displays with all of it lasting just 3.5 minutes.  And these are real fireworks too, they even caution you to make sure spectators are 25 metres away for viewing.  They also have the same warning as the vodka for selling to persons 18 and older only.  I will give Costco UK some credit for putting a page about fireworks safety on their website too.  If you were planning on buying some fireworks, Costco UK is way cheaper than Amazon UK (yes, you can get fireworks online there too), and they have a better selection too.

But remember, just because you can buy your vodka and fireworks at the same place, doesn’t mean you should really mix them.  Fireworks and drinking don’t go together very well but often do go with a trip to casualty (that’s the emergency room for those of you in the US).

So, you can see that you can put the perfect party together with everything you could need or want coming right from!  I didn’t even talk about the more normal items like desserts, cakes, meats, and party favours that you can also get at Costco UK.  Seriously, if you are planning a party, you should certainly check out the entertaining section of the Costco UK website.


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