This Week at Costco – June 28, 2015

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I know this is really late and even worse, it isn’t even a full post.  I’ve had a number of things going on over the last couple of weeks that have meant my blog time was cut to a minimum.  But thankfully, most of it is over now and I’m free to get back blogging as normal.  I’ll be posting my latest news on new locations later this week and I’ll also be posting about the new US coupon book which starts on Thursday.

Finally Langers Mango Nectar makes it to Costco UK!

Finally Langers Mango Nectar makes it to Costco UK!

Here in the UK I have been waiting for them to get the very delicious Langers Mango Nectar for five years!  They have it in the US and in Australia, so I never understood why they couldn’t have it here too.  They have had lots of inferior mango juices and drinks but not the really good stuff.  But finally my desire to have a nice glass of mango nectar in the morning has been answered.  Costco UK has started to trial the Langers Mango Nectar here in a selection of Costco locations.  Instead of the single large container they have in the US or Australia, they have it here in a two pack of 1.89 litre/64 ounce jugs.  Frankly, I’m glad they’re in two jugs instead of one large one because this actually fits in my fridge and I’m pretty sure that the big one in the US (that is 128 ounces) wouldn’t or would take up a very large piece of it in any case.  The Langers Mango Nectar is still excellent and the best mango juice/nectar/drink that you’ll find.  I’ve tried all of the various mango drinks and juices that Costco or anyone else sells, and none of them really compare to the Langers.  It is thick and sweet but not too sweet and truly tastes of mangoes not just water and sweetener.  I also like that it is made with 20% mango puree because so many of the mango drinks seem like they barely contain mango, and a lot of them actually do contain other juices as well.  There’s also no high fructose corn syrup, no colorants, and no preservatives either.  At Costco the two pack is £5.38 with VAT, which is a really good deal, I think.  So if you’re interested in finally giving this yummy mango nectar a try you can find it in the following Costco UK locations:

  • Thurrock
  • Watford
  • Glasgow
  • Chingford
  • Reading
  • Milton keynes
  • Croydon
  • Hayes

I have written about the delicious Langers Mango Nectar on a number of occasions, so if you do a search you will probably find a ton of reviews.  The most recent full review, from my visit back to the US in October 2014, is probably the best one to read.  I’ve even got my mom hooked on this now and she’s not even a fan of juice…it’s that kind of good.  So be sure to get to your Costco and try some out!

Oh yes, our Costco in Watford also had frozen mango chunks on our most recent visit too, that review will have to wait for another post though.  But I’m glad a commenter here told me to look out for it.


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