This Week at Costco – July 5, 2015

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It was so hot last week that I was really glad to see the end of it.  We actually had a day where it was over 90 F here in London, which wouldn’t be bad except no one has air conditioning.  Ugh.  It seemed like one of those long hot weeks that will never end.  I was thrilled this week when the temperature finally went back to normal (high 60s or low 70s).  The good news is that the new fan that I purchased from Costco a couple of weeks ago really got a good workout.  It did quite well and managed to even keep us fairly cool at night, as cool as it could in any case.  The only issue I have with it is that there is a very bright blue light on the front of it that is bright enough to light up our room quite a bit.  So we had to put something over that but otherwise, it was great.

Adrienne Vittadini Women's Top

Adrienne Vittadini Women’s Top

Adrienne Vittadini Women’s Top – These are perfect for warm summer days and they’re cute too.  The material is very light weight with a bit of stretch and then the sleeves are made of a transparent material.  The transparent sleeve thing is really big right now, so I even feel sort of trendy.  Of course, I paid less than £10.00 for these instead of the £50-80.00 I’ve seen them for elsewhere.  I’ve seen a shirt that looks pretty much exactly like this one but was about 6 times as much.  So, I feel pretty good about the bargain that I got.  Plus, this makes it easier for me to get rid of my shirt when this transparent sleeve thing is so over.  I ended up getting two of these, both black and white, just one is mostly white and one is mostly black.  I have washed them both a couple of times now and they look and feel just as good as when I brought them home from Costco.  I was a bit worried about the rolled material hem on the sleeves, thinking that it might get all twisted and look horrible after washing.  In fact, they didn’t and still lay nice and flat without any need for using an iron.  Last week when it was so abnormally hot here I wore these and found that they looked cute and kept me cool as a cucumber too.  I know some women are a bit put off about buying clothing at Costco, but it doesn’t bother me, especially when it is trendy or very seasonal items like this.  I’ve gotten some really cute, and really well made clothing items at Costco over the years and no one probably even had a clue that I got my cute stuff at such a bargain price.  I could have paid £60.00 for something that looks just like this but that just doesn’t make sense to me.  This was I just have more money to spend on something else later.   £8.69.  Item #: 0881108.

Carole Hochman Satin and Knit Pyjama Set

Carole Hochman Satin and Knit Pyjama Set

Carole Hochman Satin and Knit Pyjama Set – I had seen these at Costco on one of our previous trips and debated about getting them or not but finally decided to do it.  Here’s the thing though, they are mostly knit with very, very little satin on them.  They do say it on the label that they are both satin and knit, but honestly, the way they have them folded you certainly think that they are more satin than they are.  Luckily, the knit is super soft and really light weight and feels just as good as the satin.  The knit is made from Modal which is known for its incredibly soft feel.  The satin part is just the front the shirt and the collar.  The sleeves, back of the shirt and the pants are all knit.  As a girl that is pretty busty, I like that the top has the look of a traditional button front PJ top, but is actually sewn all the way down with one big button at the top that doesn’t actually button.  But it is very clever how they have sewn in a faux placket down the front of the shirt to really give the appearance of a shirt with buttons.  This is a nice detail because it means there’s not gapping or pulling in a bad way.  The pants are out of the very soft knit material that is used on the shirt and they have an elasticated waist.  The are pretty roomy in the cut and kind of long too.  If you are short you might have to hem the pants to get them to work for you.  They are comfortable to lounge around in and sleep in, which isn’t always the case with PJs like this.  I think the knit keeps them feeling light and cool and gives them a little more stretch so that they are comfortable when sleeping.  I know they had colours other than the purple that I got, but I am drawing a complete blank as to what they were.  A decent set of PJs can be kind of expensive, so I think finding these for under £15.00 was a really good deal.  They wash and dry well too, but if you want to keep them from getting wrinkly you have to hang them when they are still a bit damp.  £12.99.  Item #: 0168088.

Galvanina Organic Sicilian Lemon

Galvanina Organic Sicilian Lemon

Galvanina Organic Sicilian Lemon – This is a perfect summer beverage!  It’s lemony and lightly effervescent so it makes you feel fresh and cool, even if it feel like a million degrees outside or in your flat.  We bought this on a whim and were hoping that it was as good as the KS Organic Lemonade.  You can’t really tell what it is from the bottle since they just call it “sparkling fruit drink” and the way they have them all plastic wrapped together makes it hard to see the bottles.  It turns out that it is delicious with a really big lemony flavour.  It is made with natural mineral water, cane sugar and lemon juice and lemon pulp.  The lemon juice and pulp, as well as the cane sugar are all from organic sources.  They say that the carbon dioxide that gives it the nice amount of fizz is also from a natural source (whatever that means).  It is quite lemony though, which is nice for something like this because sometimes I swear you can taste more sugar than lemon.  You can tell it is going to be super lemony though from the amount of pulp in the bottom of the bottle, because it is a quite substantial layer.  Obviously, all of that pulp means that you need to give it a bit of a shake or invert it (the safer method) to disperse all of that lemony goodness.  Of course, it is also carbonated, so you need to then be very careful when opening it.  We really love this and hope they still have it when we are next at Costco.  Even the glass bottles are pretty and certainly look better if you wanted to serve this at a party than a plastic juice jug.  Apparently, they have three other juices too:  clementine, red grapefruit, and ruby orange.  All are made in Italy with natural ingredients too. I’m hoping they think about having some of these other juices at Costco too.  Apparently, if you can’t find this in your local Costco you should try Waitrose or Ocado because they have just launched there too (according to their website).  At Ocado a single 750ml bottle is £2.87, or £1.54 more per bottle than at Costco.  6, 750 ml bottles for £7.99.  Item #: 0188275.

Kirkland Signature Pepperoni Pizza

Kirkland Signature Pepperoni Pizza

Kirkland Signature Pepperoni Pizza – When we were in Austin we bought the Take and Bake pizzas from Costco all the time.  But when we moved here we had to stop doing that for a couple of reasons.  When we first moved here they were making their pizza like a sheet cake, in a rectangular form which I’m just truly not a fan of and I refuse to take part in that kind pizza shenanigans.  But then they switched to the round version and they are now looking just like they do in the US.  Initially I thought they would be just way too big for our oven but we finally decided recently to throw caution to the wind and buy one to try it out.  I figured I could always cut it in quarters and put it on a cookie sheet to bake if there was no way to fit it in normally.  Luckily, when we got it home it fit in our fridge and in our oven too.  Just barely, mind you, but that was good enough.  Our pizza options here in London are not necessarily that impressive.  They have the US standards of Pizza Hut, Domino’s and even Papa John’s, but none of those are great.  And then they have a selection of people that make Italian style pizza which I like but some of them are really horrendous and yet they still want shockingly high prices.  I like the Costco pizzas because they really know how to apply the cheese – in a thick layer – but go easy on the tomato sauce.  The pepperoni they use is also nice and spicy, not like gross sausage like the last place we ordered a pizza from here.  But what I really like is that you can get the crust very crunchy.  I like a crunchy crust and it is rare to actually get that when you get pizza from a restaurant and even more unlikely from delivery.  Plus, I’ll be honest, the price at Costco is way, way less than we pay anywhere else for pizzas that aren’t as big and aren’t as generous on the toppings.  If I’m not making my own pizza, this is the next best thing.  I would caution anyone making one of these though, you really want to put something under the rack that you are baking the pizza on.  You need another cookie sheet or pizza pan under there or you need to have one of those silicone mats in the bottom of your oven because they tend to give off a bit of oil with all of that cheese and pepperoni.  I forgot to do that this time and had a bit of mess in the bottom of my oven.   £6.99.  Item #: 0093150.


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