This Week at Costco – August 9, 2015

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For some reason on our last visit to Costco (that first weekend in August) the store was packed.  Like, beyond the normal amount for a Saturday morning.  I’m not sure what was going on but it made for a less than enjoyable shopping experience.  They were running low it seemed on the Langers Mango Nectar, which I hope means that people having buying it up like mad.  So, we ended up getting four of the two packs.  Yes, that is eight jugs of mango nectar but it is that good and I really didn’t want to run out of it again before we made it back to Costco.  My mom likes it so much now that I made her try it when we were there last year, that she has been stocking up on it too because she thought they didn’t have it over the winter at her Costco.  Honestly, if I had more space I would have bought more of it.

Olivia U15 Wild Caught Scallops

Olivia U15 Wild Caught Scallops

Olivia Wild Caught U15 Scallops, Frozen – I love scallops and find buying them from Costco the best option price-wise.  Scallops are so easy and quick to cook, once you get familiar with the timing and how to make sure you don’t over cook them.  In the US we always got the Kirkland Signature ones, but they don’t have those at our UK location, so I went for these instead.  They’re okay-ish, but not as good as the others we have bought at Costco.  These hail from the waters around Canada and the US and are wild caught.  They didn’t have the sweet, delicate flavour that I usually find in the wild scallops we purchase at Costco.  The package doesn’t say if they were wet packed (treated with STPP before freezing) or dry packed (frozen as in with no additives), but I have a feeling they are wet packed.  They produced an awful lot of water when thawing and cooking and shrunk quite a bit.  So that it a bit irritating.  They look nice in the bag but when thawed were much less impressive.  Given all of that, I don’t think I’ll be buying these again, unfortunately.  I can only hope that my Costco gets some other scallop options in the freezer section soon.  If you can get the better KS scallops (maybe they have stopped doing them?), they are quite good and a nice size too.  My favourite summertime way to have scallops is grilled and served over a nice salad with avocado.  Due to the light flavour of scallops I think they are quite versatile though and can stand up to a vast array of recipes.  I don’t usually add them to risotto but I think I’m going to try that with the portion of the bag that we have left.  Since these are not the best scallops I’ve ever had I won’t feel bad about teeming them up with the big flavours in my risotto because quite frankly, they could use the help.  As you can probably guess, I’m not really considering these something I would buy again or recommend.  Costco, and you, can do better for your scallop fix.   680 grams for £20.89.  Item #: 0171293.

Slow+Low Gammon Shank with Pineapple Glaze

Slow+Low Gammon Shank with Pineapple Glaze

Slow+Low Smoked Gammon Shank with Pineapple Glaze –  I think we’ve tried almost all of the Slow+Low offerings at Costco, except for one with lamb that we’ll be picking up on our next trip to Costco.  We’ve had really good luck with them and have found all of them to be flavourful and easy to prepare.  It’s nice to have something available for dinner during the week that is good but doesn’t take too much effort to prepare.  These gammon shanks were also super easy to prepare.  Basically, you just put them in an oven-proof dish and your involvement is over until you pour the glaze on.  But even I can work a pair of scissors to cut open the little pouches.  In the box you get four gammon shanks, a pair in a little vacuum pack, and a pouch of the pineapple glaze.  We decided to only put the glaze on two of the shanks because Dave wasn’t wild about the thought of the sweet glaze on the pork.  It was good to be able to compare though.  I think the glaze really balanced out the saltiness of the cured gammon shanks and made them taste better.  But Dave liked them plain.  So, that’s not all that helpful necessarily but perhaps proves that they are good either way.  When you first pop the shanks out of the little pouches, they don’t look all that big, but two of them is more than adequate for a person for dinner unless you’re a lumberjack.  The shanks take about 45 minutes to cook and you don’t do anything during that time except pour the glaze on for the last five minutes.  They really are perfect for a no fuss meal during the week that tastes good and makes you feel liek you are having a real meal but without requiring much from you except making some vegetables to go with.  My one tip would be that as a result of the glaze and all of the porky fatness, I really suggest lining your oven-proof dish for easier cleanup.   4 shanks/1040 grams for £8.99.  Item #: 0187780.

Delici Lemon Mousse Desserts

Delici Lemon Mousse Desserts

Delici Lemon Mousse Desserts – We had tried the Sea Salt Caramel variety of little dessert cups from Delici when we were in Maui.  Since we liked those so well, we thought we would try this summery sounding lemon mousse version too.  By the way, the have the sea salt caramel here in the UK too.  The little glass cups are roughly shot glass sized, which is really pretty ideal.  These are the perfect little size to satisfy your sweet tooth and give your meal a nice finish.  You do need a slim spoon, like a teaspoon, because the glass cups are fairly narrow and definitely won’t accommodate the soup spoons from our flatware set.  There are three different layers that taste good together or by themselves.  The top is lemon puree which is super-duper lemony flavoured but in a really lovely way.  The middle layer is the lemon mousse that has a subtle lemon flavour and is’t exceedingly sweet.  The final layer at the bottom is spiced cookie crumble that works perfectly with the  lemon.   I like it best when you can get a spoonful of all three flavours.  But the first few mouthfuls you are probably going to just have to settle for the first two layers.  I like lemon flavoured desserts, especially in summer, so this is practically perfect from my perspective.  I think Dave would like it if they were a bit bigger, but I think the size is just right.  They are so flavourful that the little size is good and really satisfying.  As you can guess, they’re not a calorie-free option, but at 194 calories for dessert, it isn’t as bad as it could be for a sweet item.   For our family of two this is a great dessert choice because they are small and individual so you don’t have to be in a rush to finish off something.  Since the best before date gives you about 6 weeks to eat them, that is surely plenty of time.  Since I first tried these in the US, I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to find them there, and I was happy to see them in our Costco too.  6, 76 gram cups for £4.99.  Item #: 0191035.

Krispy Kreme Assorted Dozen

Krispy Kreme Assorted Dozen

Krispy Kreme Assorted Dozen – Donuts!  I will admit it, Dave and I are big fans of donuts.  Unfortunately, Costco UK isn’t like the Costco we visited in Seoul where they made their own lovely glazed donuts.  But they do have Krispy Kreme assorted dozens, which are almost as good.  The problem is, usually the assorted dozens that we see at Costco are the jelly/fruit filled variety and those are not the tops of our donut list.  As a result, we normally don’t get donuts at Costco, but on our last trip they had a more Dave-and-Kimberly friendly assortment so we picked some up.  Just for research purposes, obviously.  I’m a fan of the classic glazed donuts, as well as the simple sugared ones.  But we also like the cream and custard filled and chocolate iced ones.  There were only a couple of fruit filled ones, so that was okay, and they even had one of their special Reese’s peanut butter filled.  I thought it was some type of peanut butter flavoured cream but no, it really is a creamy peanut butter filling.  It was much tastier than I had thought it would be, but you’re really going to have to like peanut butter to enjoy it because it is full on PB taste.  We go to Costco on Saturday mornings and the donuts seem quite fresh and didn’t have that sweaty appearance either.  I’m sure to anyone in the US, the price of a dozen donuts here seems shocking, but they are actually cheaper at Costco than at Krispy Kreme or Tesco (which also sells Krispy Kreme donuts).  The price at Costco is the same as the price for a plain glazed dozen, with an assorted dozen being £2.00 more.  I’m always surprised that they don’t have boxes of just glazed donuts, but really I keep hoping that they start making their own donuts like they do in Seoul.   12 donuts for £8.89.  Item #: 0155509.


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  1. 1 Nan // 2015.08.16 at 12:34 pm

    unfortunately, I’ve not seen Kirkland scallops in quite awhile. I agree, they were so good. I always check, hoping they will be back.

    Check the ingredient list on your scallops. I believe they will have to say sulphites if they are wet. I was told that at Whole Foods last week.

  2. 2 Tonya P // 2015.08.16 at 4:41 am

    The lemon mousse desserts look delicious. Since you found them in the US, which area of the store should I search for them? Thank you for the suggestion and your always helpful postings.

    • 3 Kimberly // 2015.08.16 at 6:22 am

      @Tonya – They’re in the cold cases, the fridge part. In our UK store they are by the dairy items, but in Maui they were by other cold desserts. Hope that helps you track them down in your Costco.

      • 4 Tonya P // 2015.09.04 at 6:04 am

        Unfortunately, I couldn’t find them at my NE Florida store. Yesterday, I asked a woman that was demonstrating berry cream pies in the bakery area. She confirmed that they aren’t available here, but perhaps in the future.

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