The Perfect Cake for a Costco Addict’s Birthday

October 15th, 2015 · 1 Comment

I found the cake I want for my birthday next year!  This is so ingenious and funny, I had to share it with everyone here for a smile and a laugh.

The ultimate Costco cake?

The ultimate Costco cake

So, what do you get for your dad’s birthday when he says he just wants a cake from Costco?  You go that weird step further and get him a cake of Costco instead, naturally.  I’m thinking this dad is my kind of guy if he really just wanted a Costco cake for his birthday.  Reading the comments on the photo, I’m guessing the funny kid and Costco-loving dad are from Canada, since this clever icing covered rendition of your local Costco warehouse was created by Simply Sweets by Susy in Toronto.  They make some really incredible cakes and cupcakes, if you’re in the area and need a fantastically memorable cake like this one.

I like the detail of including the trees and shopping carts, though they are sort of monster sized, even for Costco.  And  I love how the designer even included a replica receipt with the “handwritten” birthday message scrawled across it too!   The real question is: did the dad also get his requested cake from Costco?  I mean, we all know how delicious they taste.  Plus, it seems a shame to cut up the cute little warehouse.  You can almost hear them discussing who gets a slice of the frozen foods section and the food court, can’t you?

It’s a brilliant cake!  I hope the dad had a great birthday and enjoyed eating an entire Costco warehouse with his family.


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