Guest Post: Experience with Costco Flooring Services in Houston

November 10th, 2015 · 1 Comment

[I’ve got a number of different posts about experiences with various Costco services.  A few of them are really dreadful, like most of the experiences with water delivery, and some of them are really great, such as with the cabinets.   The flooring services seem to be fairly hit or miss, so I am hoping this latest guest post will be a good way to get a bit more discussion about everyone’s outcomes using the Costco flooring services.   Bill, from Houston, TX, didn’t have a great experience, unfortunately, and Costco’s follow up on his issues definitely wasn’t impressive either.  It seems that the outcome of the services delivered are only as good as the local people that Costco has teamed up with, and sadly that doesn’t look anywhere near as consistently solid as their own customer service (of course their customer service was a let down on this one too).  After reading so many emails and comments about Costco services, I think they really need to revisit how they select the local services contractors.]

Wow, did we have an experience with Costco services flooring. The contractor was a great guy, based in Houston. Bottom line, he matched a local flooring store price in the end, but then later discovered he left out the cost of flooring in our entry way. Even though we specified a three day install because we needed to move around so many things in our house, and included this condition as a written footnote in our agreement, two days before work was set to begin he called wanting to accommodate his installer by making it a two day project. We agreed to the two day but that was before two things: the discovery that he had not included the entry way in the bid; and, the expiration of our cancel period.

Work was accomplished in two days but with a caveat. First day, they worked until 7:00 PM. Second day, they worked until 9:00 PM. They did not use any fill the second day under the vinyl plank floor and so our hallway bathroom is anything but smooth and level. We agreed to some price adjustments and moved on.

I love Costco. I’ve been a member since 2001 when they opened in Houston.  The local Costco store manager said he would contact the regional Costco manager…nothing.  Two emails to Seattle customer service . . . nothing. Very disappointing.   I still love Costco, but this is the end of any relationships through Costco with outside providers.

Bill from Houston, TX


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  1. 1 Candace Johannes // 2015.11.10 at 8:43 pm

    I’m glad to read this because we had thought to use Costco for flooring if and when we decide to do our bedroom. They might have better contractors up here in Frisco but until I hear different we won’t use Costco. The customer service portion was strange because they’re usually so good at that. I can say that we used Home Depot twice on a house we had in Minnesota and both times were not good. Not a disaster but definitely not good. The first one was installing laminate in our great room. Unfortunately when the guy came to do the estimate he didn’t include an underlayment where we had carpet (that was to be removed). Luckily for us Home Depot covered the cost and didn’t charge us for it. After the second time, we went to Lowe’s for the next installs and had great service. I’m thinking we will go with Lowe’s again if this is the kind of service we get at Costco. Disappointing because we love Costco.

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