Costco US Pre-Thanksgiving Coupons: November 20, 2015

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Start your holiday shopping early at Costco on November 20, 2015

Start your holiday shopping early at Costco on November 20, 2015

Costco US has a special savings books that starts on November 20 (next Friday) and the deals are good until they run out of stock apparently.  And even better, all of the deals are instant savings, so no coupons needed.  You don’t even need the book or app to get the deals.  Some of the deals are HUGE, like $1,200 off a television, but a lot of them are like regular coupons with a few dollars off of more normal purchases.  There are 100 coupons for deals in the warehouses (some of which are also good online) and then another 40 for items found exclusively at  That’s a whole lot of saving, but since they are only good while supplies last, don’t put off shopping for the things you really want or else you might miss out on them entirely.

As usual, I have uploaded this special Costco US Coupon Book PDF (or view it in the Google PDF viewer) (this is a PDF of what they posted online), or you can view it at the warehouse coupons on the website.  This coupon book does overlap the currently, regular Costco US coupon book, so you can make the most of your savings by getting all of the deals after the 20th of November.

I don’t even know where to start with this bunch of coupons because there are so many really terrific deals.  If you are at all in the market for a new television, these coupons look like your new best friend.  There are 17 different television deals in the warehouse and at and then two more deals on televisions that are only available through  So, nineteen television deals in all.   The biggest savings, $1,200, is on a really pricey Samsung 75″ 4K television with built-in WiFi.  It’s very lux and has a big price tag to go with, so you’ll definitely need the $1,200 break; a similar but not the exact same model at right now is $3779.99 but has a $500 discount currently.  In any case, there are plenty of more normal televisions for purchase with deals ranging from $700 – $40 off.  Most of the deals are for Samsung, though there are deals for five Vizio and a single LG television too.  If you like to be an early(ish) adopter, a number of these are 4K ultra HD, so you can get a TV with the latest and greatest.

Moving on from televisions, there are lots of great deals on household items, clothing, and food.  There are a number of items that will be great for anyone celebrating the festive holiday season with parties too.  There’s so much in this book that I like, I’ll try to keep the list reasonable though.  I’m not going to go through all of the food items, but I will just say that if I were in the US I would be buying all of that stuff, well, except for the Taster’s Choice.

If you’re having a party, I have a few recommendations that I’ve made before but I will just quickly reiterate: the Reflections Cutlery and the Masterpiece Plates.  These plasticware items look like the real deal cutlery and plates.  I’ve actually had people think they were real and were appalled when I tossed them in the trash after a party.  The plates are sturdy and a decent size with a little silver band around them that makes them look like china plates that no one would want to clean.  In the Masterpiece package you get 25 cake plates and 25 dinner plates for $3.50 off, unfortunately there’s a limit of four.  But that should be enough to get you through a couple of parties and festive celebrations.  You can definitely get cheaper plastic plates, but these look nice and are more sturdy than most of the other ones I’ve tried or used.  The Reflections cutlery is similar nice looking with a “silver” finish, so that they do in fact look like real cutlery.  The best part is that even though they are plastic, the knife actually works to cut something aside from melting butter!  And the second best thing about them is that you can throw it away at the end of the party.  In the package at Costco you get 80 forks and 40 knives and 40 spoons for $3.50 off, but again a limit of four.  And finally, to round this out, you can get an instant savings of $2.00 off a big box of Kirkland Signature Napkins.  It looks like there are four packages of 260 napkins each in the box (1,040 napkins total).  I’ve not tried these, but hopefully these are a decent quality, like most KS products.  They do say “casual dining” on the box, so maybe you need to spring for something better to go with your fancy plasticware.

There’s a good deal for $25.00 off a 36 piece/service for six Mikasa Bone China Dinnerware set that I would also suggest; after the discount it is just $74.99.  You can get this in your local warehouse or online, so even if you miss it in the stores you can still get the deal online.  I bought some Mikasa bone china dinnerware from Costco (in the UK) a couple of years ago and love it.  I use it for my everyday dishes and put it in the microwave and dishwasher and it handles it all with grace and a big of elegance.  We have a plain pattern on ours but this has the “swirl” pattern, but the all white colour means it won’t be drastically out of style in no time.  I really like the durability combined with the lightweight nature of this dinnerware.  The set has three sizes of plates, two different bowl sizes, and a mug.  The term “mug” makes it sound bigger and clunkier than it is though.  It looks like this is just like my set and the two bowls are a big one for soup or cereal and then a small one that is perfect for fruit, snacks, or desserts.  I’m a big fan of our Mikasa set, as is everyone that has used it, and would suggest this for anyone that is toying with the idea of getting a new set of dishes.

I know that there has been a discussion on one of my old posts about the Calvin Klein tank tops that they used to have at Costco (which I and several others it seems all loved).  Well, in this book they’ve got a savings deal for $3.00 off a two-pack of Calvin Klein Cotton Stretch Tanks.  I don’t remember the ones I have being labeled as stretchy, so I’m inclined to think these aren’t the exact same.  However, they look like a good replacement.  I like these better than a camisole because I need to wear a bra at all times when I am upright and these will actually cover the straps.  These are great for lounging around the house or wearing as a layering piece.  This time of year I like to wear them under sweaters because they give me a bit of extra warmth without being too hot.

The one last thing that I want to mention is the Apple iTunes gift card pack.  You can get $15.00 off a pack of four, $25.00 iTunes gift cards with these deals and that is an amazing deal.  If you know someone (and I’d be more surprised if you didn’t) that uses iTunes these are a great gift for an outstanding deal.  I’d also guess that these aren’t $100 in the Costco warehouses either, so you’ll be saving even more over the face value of the gift cards.  They also have a set of four, $15.00 iTunes gift cards available at; those are currently $56.49 (including shipping) but I’m guessing they might be having a deal with those too, though maybe not the full $15.00 off, I can’t really tell from the wording on the coupon.  And don’t forget, you can always get yourself a gift too!

There are still so many great deals that I didn’t mention, so definitely take a good look through these instant savings deals and save yourself a little money this holiday season, without the need to battle through the Black Friday shopping crowds.  With these pre-holiday savings you can sleep in the Friday following Thanksgiving and avoid all of the craziness.


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  1. 1 Michelle // 2015.11.30 at 5:29 pm

    So I’m a double idiot because I didn’t realize until I was already out of town last week that most of the pages expired the 25th (I thought the whole book was through the 30th), and also was planning on going to Costco on the 30th to grab a few things when I wasn’t even going to be in town that day either =P Don’t we all lose brain cells during the pandemonium of the holidays? 😉

  2. 2 Mike // 2015.11.17 at 1:18 pm

    Thanks for the heads up! My Surface 3 (a great kit, by the way) is under 30 days old so all I have to do is call to get my $100 refund applied!

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